New York Beverages

beerHudson Ale Works is very nearly ready for business. Featuring a shiny three-barrel brewing system, this downtown microbrewery was launched by three individuals from Highland. Its 17 Milton Avenue location has already been home to quite a few different businesses in the past, including a cabinetry store, laundromat and machine shop. Now the 7,500 square feet industrial building is being leased to Hudson Ale Works co-owners, Neil and Adam Trapani, and Josh Zimmerman.

So the question is, what kind of beer were people drinking during yesterday’s Super Bowl? Was it the kind that will be offered at Hudson Ale Works? Beer is very important at that annual sporting event; possibly as much as wings. Indeed, the beer should perfectly match the wings you choose. Different beers are good with different styles: from honey to barbecue, shrimp paste to Korean. Indeed, as Director of the Craft Beer Program for the Brewers Association, Julia Herz points out: “Sweet cuts heat. If you have a spicy sauce you’re going to go for a more moderate alcohol and something with a little more residual sugar.”

And for New Yorkers who would rather not go the alcoholic route, they could try one of Joe Isidori’s uber-large creative milkshakes. Isidori is the chef and owner at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer and started making these “hella insane” shakes when his wife asked him to make a candy milkshake for her. Measuring a foot tall, these funky shakes sell for $15, three of which can be purchased at Black Tap, Manhattan.

Some of these shakes are themed (like the Red Velvet Valentine’s Day, Candy Cane Christmas one), and one of them was even made special for Super Bowl 50!

Great Steaks

steakIf you are looking for an evening out that includes a delicious steak when you are spending a few nights at Shimmie Horn’s The Evelyn, look no further than Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse. This popular restaurant gives customers the ability to “feel completely at home in an atmosphere so cordially convivial.”

Run by owners Ben and Jack Sinanaj (who are also first cousins) as well as their siblings Harry and Russ, the Sinanajs’ have “devoted themselves to the religion of the NYC steakhouse.” As well it features two bars (with exquisite cocktails), a long dining room and five private dining spaces. It has a classic feel to it, including “ochre-colored walls, dark wood, sturdy chairs, white tablecloths, a wine wall.”

So that’s one new fun way to enjoy a steak in the heart of New York City.

GastroPub to Open in Upper West Side

gastroChef Rob McCue (of Chef Roble and Co. and Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 competitor) will be overseeing the menu at a gastropub to open near West 107th Street at 949 Columbus Avenue. This two-floor eatery will be in the location of where Lura – a Mediterranean restaurant – once was.

The idea behind this is, according to McCue create a “London-style gastropub and bring it to the Upper West Side, where one doesn’t really exist.” The goal is to offer “comfort food [in a] higher end more relaxed setting.” Craft beers sourced from New York State will also be available.

One local was reported to have said that this now, Columbus Avenue is “slowly starting to develop” adding that hopefully “this venture will be a nice enhancement to that area.”

For the Vintage and Obscure

vintage-fashionThat’s what you’ll get when you visit Duo – the boutique store run by sister team LaRae and Wendy Kangas. In 2008 the siblings opened up their store to the public, and since then, it has become quite the place to be. Indeed, today, it is “a favorite amongst downtown locals and girls that wear vintage Levis.” They were in the right place at the right time; both having found themselves in New York.

The Kangas’ sisters always spoke about going into business with each other; entrepreneurship is common in their family but in college they never thought it would happen. Since they are four years apart they had a lot of “sisterly bonding fights” and working together wasn’t on the cards. But then it was. And that is what resulted in this East 9th Street store being filled with “Calvin Klein cashmere sweaters and reworked denim, plus modern styles by under-the-radar brands.” They didn’t study fashion at college but they loved it anyway.

So how else can the youth of today get into the world of fashion in the Big Apple? StylingOn Showroom is currently looking for an intern to work at its “full serviced fashion showroom,” right in the center of NYC’s fashion district. Working closely with showroom managers will be a great way in to the world of fashion in the place where it all happens – the center of New York City.

New York City Technology

kioskEast Village has just gotten the first ever free Wi-Fi Kiosk in New York City. Located at 3rd Avenue near Manhattan’s 15th Street, it has to undergo QC first but once it starts working it will be at 2.0 signal strength, with a range of 150 feet. It is hoped that it will be as fast as Google Fiber.

Gone are the old pay phone booths and in their stead, 7,500 hubs are planned by the city over the next eight years. It is anticipated that screen advertising will generate $500 million revenue over the next 12 years.

Meanwhile, other parts of the city and other areas of technology are decidedly low-tech and lacking in any modern features. For example, New York City’s subway system which uses century-old technology. At the moment, the state agency responsible for the subway, the MTA is undergoing a budget battle to get the funds needed for this very necessary update.

Eating with a Difference in Tribeca

berriesFor those looking for a menu with a difference in the Tribeca neighborhood, they might be pleased to hear that Maman is opening a third restaurant at 211 West Broadway. Get something that is simultaneously delicious, aesthetically pleasing and healthy, such as the spaghetti-squash “à la carbonara.” This dish features a poached egg, roasted pastrami, pumpkin seeds and rosemary on top of gluten free corn spaghetti and spaghetti squash. Quite delicious and very pretty.

It is hoped that this restaurant will succeed since just over a year ago the first one opened on Centre Street. Next one opened in Toronto and this is the third one. It will be open seven days a week from 7am to midnight.

Tribeca these days is becoming quite well known for its alternative food fare. For example, A. B. Biagi with its organic milk based ice cream, featuring Brazilian flavors and tastes such as basil pine nut and acai berry. If you want a creamy soy milk panna cotta, check out Brushstroke and then for freshly ground Japanese buckwheat, kobe beef and more, Daruma-ya is perfect.

Tribeca certainly has a whole slew of new and veteran restaurants offering alternative food fare to its customers.

Times Square on Christmas

christmasTimes Square on Christmas is a must-see for tourists. Possibly a must-avoid for locals but for those who find themselves vacationing at Shimmie Horn’s luxurious Washington Jefferson Hotel, the theater district is filled with joy and tinsel. Try getting through the spray paint artists, costumed panhandlers, theater patrons and tourist bus ticket sellers though and you might decide it’s time to go back to Shimmie Horn’s hotel!

The holiday season in Times Square is indeed a bit stressful but for tourists, it really is a great place to visit. Granted, on a daily basis, around 170,000 commuters pass through the area so over the holiday season it is going to be really crazy. In fact the figure for this time of year is around 450,000.

But wouldn’t it be a fun after dinner party story to share with friends back home after your vacation? How bad would you feel if you had to reveal that you stayed at the Washington Jefferson Hotel, right smack bang in Times Square and didn’t even venture out at the most colorful time of year?

And don’t forget, it’s not as bad as it seems. There is of course the extra infrastructure that is set up just before all the celebrations begin to deal with this additional traffic. Isn’t it worth just taking a peek? Go on, brave it; everyone deserves a bit of Christmas spirit!

Art in the City

artLooking for something different to do in the Tribeca neighborhood? Located in the former Telepan Local space, the Muse Paint Bar could be just the thing. For those who like art (but don’t necessarily want to take a lesson in it), classes at the bar are very different to the standard art class. In fact, these classes are seen more of an entertainment. And the best part? You actually walk out with something you’ve created yourself.

Each class – that costs $45 – takes around two hours and all equipment is provided. There is a library of approximately 650 designs and new ones each week. One can also purchase snacks and beverages while they paint.

For kids in the area, MoMA is offering a new way of playing using the imagination; get into character of Louise Nevelson rather than Batman at its Art Lab. This is stocked with colored pencils and crayons and kids find a whole slew of different things to use in the lab each time, from toilet paper rolls to golf balls and more.

In fact, this lab sounds like it’d be good for adults too!



Times Square: The Crossroads of the World

Times Square, located in Midtown Manhattan, is often described as ‘The Crossroads of the World,’ or ‘The Great White Way.’ Every single day, around 330,000 people pass through Times Square. Here, we get a glimpse into the place.

East Village Food

foodIt used to be known for its smoke stores and tattoo parlors. But that seems to be changing in the East Village of New York as foodies start to take over. This is quite a recent phenomenon – just over the last few months in fact – as Noreetuh, Superiority Burger, Faku and Black Seed make their presence known.

Eateries are getting trendier in the east village too. A veggie burger joint, a monkfish liver torchon and veggie topped-pizza store are all the rage. There is also a place to get a fried-chicken sandwich, modern Korean food and more.

Indeed, according to Christina Tosi, chef, founder and owner of Milk Bar (who first opened an eater in the East Village nearly six years ago) the East village is perhaps “the perfect hotbed for trained, pedigreed cooks to raise a little money and bring their individual visions to life as up-and-coming, headlining chefs and restaurateurs.”

And of course, it’s not just food items that are becoming trendy in the area. Cocktails are a whole other story!