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Central Park Walking Tours: The Best Way to See New York in the Spring

Northwoods of Central Park

As the long, cold winter dissipates and the gorgeous New York spring takes hold, why not treat yourself to one of the loveliest activities the city has to offer, at the best time of year to do it: that is walk the park.

Since 1873 New York’s Central Park has been a destination for millions of residents and tourists alike. And why not? Beautiful meadows, incredible wildflowers, sensational blossoming trees, and a host of other attractions to bring pleasure to all your senses just abound within the confines of this mother of all urban parks.

Since the park is so large and complex, with many hidden treasures and tucked-away delights, we recommend that an expert take you to explore the highlights of this wonderful location. Central Park Walking Tours is just the tour group to show you the best the park has to offer.

Next time you are staying in New York, especially if you are at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, be sure to explore the wonders of the historic and inspiring Central Park.

Brooklyn Diner Tastes Like Home

Times Square Brooklyn Diner

Heading out to Times Square and looking for a New York eatery with real personality? You are in luck, because the Brooklyn Diner at 155 West 43rd Street at Times Square is just what you are looking for.

Patrons will experience an authentic encounter with some of the most beloved foods of the American cuisine scene, with a special emphasis on the attitude found throughout the major neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  The ethnic kaleidoscope on hand is a United Nations of flavors and styles ‘just like mom used to make, ” including Jewish, Italian, Irish and much, much more.

And no need to “clean your plate” in order to get dessert, either. The desserts are mind-blowing affairs designed to send you practically back to the womb.

Anyone staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Iroquois should stroll on over to Times Square, just a few short blocks away, and relive your childhood at the Brooklyn Diner.

Ancient Art at the Sadigh Gallery

At 303 Fifth Avenue at West 31st Street is an amazing shop filled with art and artifacts from the ancient world. When visitors enter the Sadigh Gallery of Ancient Art they enter a long ago world of beauty which transports viewers to another place.
On display in this unique space are magnificent ancient objects from all over the globe and spanning as much as hundreds of thousands of years into the past. The knowledgeable staff is on hand to help anyone who wanders in, whether or not they made an appointment.

Sadigh Ancient Art

It is possible, with the help of the experts that are on hand, to make a purchase within your budget and take home a piece of the ancient past to admire and enjoy. Why not stop for a visit at this unique art gallery, especially if you are staying as a guest at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler, which is just down the street.

Casellula for a Unique Wine and Cheese Experience

It’s always exciting to find something a bit different to do in New York City. How about an eating experience that is almost sure to please, but is not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ latest fad cuisine? Check out Casellula Cheese and Wine Café, and you might just get that unique experience.

Unique Cheese and Wine at Casellula

Casellula is located at 401 West 52nd Street, so if you happen to be a guest at Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel on West 51st Street, you are only a short stroll to this fab café which specializes in handmade and farmstead cheeses, but has a lot more to offer.

This place is serious about cheese, with over 40 varieties from around the world, from the most obscure; to the mildest and strongest; from fresh to washed to blue. Each cheese is served with its own particularly well-suited condiment, and there is a wide variety of wines and beers to pair off with the cheese you choose.

There is also a wonderful food menu which includes a list of eight kinds of meats to pick from; salads; elegant sandwiches like goose breast Reuben; and assorted other surprises such as mac and cheese and rabbit and Chanterelle mushroom pie.

Note that Casellula does not take reservations, and does not require any special attire to dine there. So go on over and discover something new in the neighborhood.