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Transformation of Manhattan’s Landscape

manhattan_west_complexManhattan’s landscape is set for somewhat of a construction transformation.  With plans for 20 new buildings (17 of which are high-rises), according to journalist Verena Dobnik, this will be one of New York’s “most ambitious private real estate ventures since Rockefeller Center” was erected.

Completion of the building is set for 2024, and, along with the simultaneous project – the Manhattan West complex – will comprise over 22 million sq. ft., featuring around 6,000 residential units.  This is being achieved through “a feat of engineering,” building enormous concrete platforms to enable buildings to soar above and around railroad tracks and rail yards.  In addition, this will not have any impact on the approximately 70,000 individuals who daily use Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains.

The first 52-story tower is due to open in 2015.  Manhattan West will be erected between Ninth and Tenth, featuring three towers (including stores, garages, a public plaza and a hotel).

Memorial Day in New York City

US FlagAs our nation returns to its daily routine following Memorial Day weekend, it’s a great time to reflect on all of the gifts we have been given by the armed men and women who have fought on our behalf. All of the vibrant culture that we enjoy in the Big Apple, the wonderful attractions, parks, and landmarks, are all made possible by the sweat and tears of our armed forces. As we head back to the bustle of New York City living, let’s take a moment to salute those heroes that have sacrificed on our behalf.

Next time you’re out touring the city, and your eyes catch a glance of a United States flag, stop for a moment. Think about who made it possible for us to enjoy and take advantage of the treasures around us. We may take it for granted some of the time, but Memorial Day reminds us of these heroes.

Manhattan’s First Commuter Ferry: Water Taxi

NY-water taxiThis week sees the first commuter ferry travel on the Hudson River to Manhattan.  Far West Side residents will be able to take advantage of this new mode of transport, that, until now, has not been available to the midtowners.  In addition, tourists in the neighborhood – such as those staying at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel – can benefit from the New York Water Taxi.  These boats will transport people between the World Financial Center and West 44th Street, every quarter-of-an-hour during morning and evening commutes.

For those who catch the taxi the first week of travel mid-June, no payment is required.  From the second week on  however, a round trip will cost $8 with a discounted rate offered for frequent users.

This is the first Manhattan-to-Manhattan ferry service.