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New York: Recent College Expansions

gatesThanks to a hefty donation from Thomas and Mary Alice O’Malley, Manhattan College was able to dedicate a $45m Raymond W. Kelly ’63 Student Commons building on its Bronx campus. O’Malley was a classmate of Ray Kelly and following graduation, both became army officers.

The successful O’Malley – who made his fortune in the oil-refining industry – donated $10m to the building. In addition, he was a major player in the rest of the building’s fundraising. Thanks to the new 70,000 sq. ft. building, Manhattan College’s north and south campuses are now connected.

The ceremony of the dedication was attended by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and president of the college, Brennan O’Donnell.

Meanwhile in Ithaca, another building dedication was taking place thanks to the generosity of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Cornell University is to be getting a new building for Computing and Information Science that will be named for him. Gates’ foundation gave $25m to the project that cost $60m.

Attending the ceremony were Bill Gates, David Skorton, University President and Haym Hirsh, Dean of Computing and Information Science.

Church Renovations and Expansion

church-revovationsThe Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is getting a residential addition built on. It has been what the Upper West Side congregation has wanted for a while and just last week it was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The original church was constructed back in 1893 by Newark’s architect, John F. Capen in a Romanesque Revival style. Now, with these updates, residents will be able to purchase units in a seven floor building. There will be between 7 and 10 units with duplex levels on the top two floors. The church will have a separate entrance.

As well as the new building, there will be repairs to the current one, such as repairs of stained glass windows, refurbishment of poor water drainage, etc. The poor building structure had been having such a negative impact on the atmosphere in the church that many regular churchgoers started leaving. Involved in the process is a three-decade-working church pastor. This was a real shame since the church used to be a true place of church activity.

The hope now is that the structure located on 81st Street between Amsterdam and Columbus will return to its original grandeur, but for the 21st century.

New York Hotels – Great Package Deals

new-york-cityThe US offers so many hot-spots and vacation destinations. New York City will always be one of the most popular destinations for domestic and international tourists alike. When vacationing in New York, finding just the right hotel deal can make-or-break one’s visit. These days, many top hotels in the central areas – right by the tourist attractions – offer great deals for each person’s needs.

From romance to divorce packages, executive deals to theme hotels, New York has it all. While the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa has been traditionally known for its top-class weddings, it is moving with the times and now offering a $5,000 package to divorcing couples. With the “Divorce Hotel” program, the couple is given separate rooms, and can use all the amenities. And, if desired, the couple can be filmed for a reality show as they embark on to the next stage of their lives.

This is quite a leap from Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels’ romance package that focuses on “seclusion in upscale setting.” As well, one of its recent packages was the Key to New York City where visitors who booked 3+ nights at any of these six hotels received – free – a one-way car service between the hotel and NYC’s three airports, or a complimentary experience in one of the six neighborhoods.

There are always new and exciting packages being offered in New York’s top hotels. Check them out before booking for the best and most useful deal for your needs.