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UK Cows Return to NY

cowAfter all the years of talk of mad cows disease hailing from the UK, a fancy restaurant in the Upper West Side is basically saying ‘enough is enough.’ The owners of Daniel Monday have brought in Irish beef for the first time since the 1998 ban was implemented.

According to Simon Coveney, Agriculture Minister in Ireland, there are no health concerns with such high quality beef from Ireland since it is grass-fed.

America is not alone in welcoming back the best of British beef. At the Dubai Food Festival, the Desert Chill team is to be serving gourmet burgers and other meat-based items that hail form the UK. Indeed, ten food trucks came from the UK to join in its Street Feast event, bringing in British offal and more.

Texan-Indian Cuisine comes to Flatiron District

chickenA Texan-Indian style restaurant – Pondicheri – is making its way to New York. Leasing a 3, 363 square foot ground floor space in the Flatiron District, close to Shimmie Horn’s Triumph hotels, this eatery will be the first retail tenant using space from the Madison Square portfolio. A 15-year lease has been signed and the restaurant will take possession in April or May.

Featuring an updated skylight and storefront, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling casement windows, Pondicheri will serve its clients a whole array of foods, from the Hopper (a Sri Lankan inspired, crisp coconut, chia seed & rice shell filled with masala eggs / coconut salad / kerala sauce) for a mere $5, to the Fried Chicken Tuesday (Half of a Bryan Farm chicken marinated in a spicy yogurt masala then dusted in chickpea flour, served with curried fingerling potatoes, arugula & blueberry salad, chutney and pumpkin buns) for $25.

However, the owners are not committing to the menu staying the same all the time, claiming that it “might change due to seasonally available ingredients, relentless experimentation, and musing moods.” Don’t forget to leave room for dessert though, and hope that the powers-that-be will always make the Café Annie Brownie (moist brownie from the legendary restaurant with Valrhona cocoa & walnuts) and Ginger Cloud Cookie available.