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Times Square on Christmas

christmasTimes Square on Christmas is a must-see for tourists. Possibly a must-avoid for locals but for those who find themselves vacationing at Shimmie Horn’s luxurious Washington Jefferson Hotel, the theater district is filled with joy and tinsel. Try getting through the spray paint artists, costumed panhandlers, theater patrons and tourist bus ticket sellers though and you might decide it’s time to go back to Shimmie Horn’s hotel!

The holiday season in Times Square is indeed a bit stressful but for tourists, it really is a great place to visit. Granted, on a daily basis, around 170,000 commuters pass through the area so over the holiday season it is going to be really crazy. In fact the figure for this time of year is around 450,000.

But wouldn’t it be a fun after dinner party story to share with friends back home after your vacation? How bad would you feel if you had to reveal that you stayed at the Washington Jefferson Hotel, right smack bang in Times Square and didn’t even venture out at the most colorful time of year?

And don’t forget, it’s not as bad as it seems. There is of course the extra infrastructure that is set up just before all the celebrations begin to deal with this additional traffic. Isn’t it worth just taking a peek? Go on, brave it; everyone deserves a bit of Christmas spirit!

Art in the City

artLooking for something different to do in the Tribeca neighborhood? Located in the former Telepan Local space, the Muse Paint Bar could be just the thing. For those who like art (but don’t necessarily want to take a lesson in it), classes at the bar are very different to the standard art class. In fact, these classes are seen more of an entertainment. And the best part? You actually walk out with something you’ve created yourself.

Each class – that costs $45 – takes around two hours and all equipment is provided. There is a library of approximately 650 designs and new ones each week. One can also purchase snacks and beverages while they paint.

For kids in the area, MoMA is offering a new way of playing using the imagination; get into character of Louise Nevelson rather than Batman at its Art Lab. This is stocked with colored pencils and crayons and kids find a whole slew of different things to use in the lab each time, from toilet paper rolls to golf balls and more.

In fact, this lab sounds like it’d be good for adults too!



Times Square: The Crossroads of the World

Times Square, located in Midtown Manhattan, is often described as ‘The Crossroads of the World,’ or ‘The Great White Way.’ Every single day, around 330,000 people pass through Times Square. Here, we get a glimpse into the place.

East Village Food

foodIt used to be known for its smoke stores and tattoo parlors. But that seems to be changing in the East Village of New York as foodies start to take over. This is quite a recent phenomenon – just over the last few months in fact – as Noreetuh, Superiority Burger, Faku and Black Seed make their presence known.

Eateries are getting trendier in the east village too. A veggie burger joint, a monkfish liver torchon and veggie topped-pizza store are all the rage. There is also a place to get a fried-chicken sandwich, modern Korean food and more.

Indeed, according to Christina Tosi, chef, founder and owner of Milk Bar (who first opened an eater in the East Village nearly six years ago) the East village is perhaps “the perfect hotbed for trained, pedigreed cooks to raise a little money and bring their individual visions to life as up-and-coming, headlining chefs and restaurateurs.”

And of course, it’s not just food items that are becoming trendy in the area. Cocktails are a whole other story!