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Hidden NY Treasures?

Or tunnels at least…

It seems like almost every other week something is being discovered in NYC.  And now, it is tunnels.  Well, it is not exactly like they are being discovered but perchance they are being rebranded to make them more well-known.

One example is NYC’s postal tunnel.  From 9th Avenue (from under the east side), this runs between the Morgan mail sorting facility and the James A. Farley Post Office basement.  It is a very well-secured road tunnel which historically was utilized to transport mail via Amtrak trains which a specially-designated “mail only” train” to and from a Penn Station “secret” platform.  It was only in the early part of the 21st century that this process stopped, sealing shut the stairs and elevators leading to the platform.  Today though for those interested, the loading area and lookout gallery can be seen at the Post Office on special occasions (such as Fashion Week).  The gallery is now used for a Storefront for Art and Architecture installation.

And in other New York City tunnel news, it seems that those motorists who do not own an E-ZPass will no longer have to stress about having cash on them when they approach the Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel toll.  Instead, they’ll be charged via license-plate readers, with the registered vehicle owner receiving a bill in the mail.  Cashless tolls will certainly improve tunnel riding experience for New Yorkers!

Getting in Some Culture in Tribeca

Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel is located in the trendy, culturally-rich neighborhood of TriBeCa.  Known predominantly for its Film Festival offering a rich, diverse offerings helping the “general public to experience the power of cinema and promote New York City as a major filmmaking center,” this neighborhood is also quiet, charming and very close to the Hudson River Parks.

Currently there are some interesting exhibitions in the area.  The Apexart TriBeCa gallery is hosting ‘Animal Intent,’ which, as Emily Falvey curator explains is an “interspecies collaboration” between human and animal creation.  One example is the honeybees and Aganetha Dyck who worked with William Eakin (photographer and apiarist) to place random objects inside bee hives enabling the bees to cover the pieces in their wax lattices.  This transformed them into what looked like “honeycomb” sculptures.

Then there is The Dietz Lantern Building where David Bonavita is leading an apartment staging. Seeking local artists who are willing to loan artwork temporarily.  This is to be displayed in the apartment while it is on the market and will give Tribeca-based artists some exposure.

So, for art, culture and some quiet luxuriation, TriBeCa with its museums, exhibitions and Shimmie Horn hotels could make the perfect vacation venue.

Bringing Beer to the East Village

The East Village is getting a new brewery.  Peace Tree Brewing opened a second location earlier this month and is set to be a very bike-friendly space.  Owned by Megan McKay, the brewery (that began in Knoxville) will have a ton of new drinks on its menu.

Since its opening in the new year, it’s been thriving.  According to McKay, the East Village is a fantastic spot for the brewery.  He said:

“I think people thought we were a little nuts trying to open on New Year’s Day, like everyone’s out late the night before, but we figured the people who really enjoy a good craft beer and were interested in what we were doing would just wanna show up and kind of help us ring in 2017. So we’re really excited to throw the doors open today,”

Welcoming in 2017 in New York

There is possibly  no better place to bring in the New Year than New York City.  And it looks like 2017 is going to follow suit.  With that in mind, we take a look at what fun things happened in the Big Apple a few days ago.

First, it’s a great time to travel.  CN Traveler noted that the week of New Year’s is possibly the cheapest vis-à-vis airfare, hotels and deals, as a kind of New Year’s Eve special.  Remember though, it’s best to walk around as a) getting a car rental can be tough and b) traffic during the holiday season is probably not the best way to get into the festive spirit! Uber makes a good alternative.

And, if you are privy to actually be in New York, on December 31st, you simply have to be at no other place than Times Square.  This year it was none other than US Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon who Dropped the Infamous Ball.  And, for those who have never been in New York at this time, to miss that is inexcusable!  Indeed, according to Jeff Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment and an executive producer for the annual production, “When you look at New Year’s Eve, it’s the one moment of the year where you have more than 175 million Americans all doing the same thing at the exact same time in unison as we count down those final seconds of the year with hope and optimism. But what’s amazing is they’re not watching one channel, they’re watching a multitude of channels who are all showing that magic moment.”

In the New Year itself, for the adventurous there is also Coney Island’s Polar Bear Club New Year’s Day Swim which definitely shocks the New Year’s Eve hangover out the system! For the more cultured, check out the 43rd Annual Poetry Project Marathon featuring mini readings and performances by approximately 150 poets, dancers and musicians.

When it comes to variety, there are very few competitors who could stand up against New York City.