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Star Wars Bar Opens in NYC

A Star Wars-themed bar has popped up in NYC, with drinks like Red Force, Blue Force and the Mindtrick. The Darkside Bar has two sister bars in Washington D.C. and L.A.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” Breaks Auction Sale Record

A Leonardo Da Vinci painting has just broken the record for a work of art sold at an auction, at a final price of $450.3 million with fees.

The painting, “Salvator Mundi”, surpassed the 2015 sale of Picasso’s “Women of Algiers” for $179.4 million, which also took place at Christie’ Rockefeller Center HQ. The crowd was shocked by the 19-minute duel, and the winning buyer was not disclosed immediately.

Christie’s had been actively marketing the works from this year’s auction, having hired an external agency to advertise for the first time in the auction house’s history.

“It’s been a brilliant marketing campaign,” said Pyms Gallery director Alan Hobart. “This is going to be the future.”

Others are more critical of the way this campaign played out.

“This was a thumping epic triumph of branding and desire over connoisseurship and reality,” New York art adviser Todd Levin said.

The New York Times shared footage of the last moments of the bidding war:


Opera Diva Sings Highest Note in History

Opera singer Audrey Luna has broken a 130-year old Metropolitan Opera record by singing a high A note during her performance in The Exterminating Angel.

Luna is a Grammy-winning Soprano who plays Leticia in the show, which is based on the 1962 film by Luis Buñuel. After her feat, she interviewed with The Times and revealed:

“I’ve practiced up to a C above high C in the past, so I know it’s in me. But it’s just nothing I’ve performed on any stage before.”

Though it is possible that another singer has hit the note in the past, there is no known record of such an accomplishment.

Other divas have sung notes almost as high, such as a high A flat sung by Rachele Gilmore, the understudy for the role of Olympia in The Tales of Hoffman. She reached the note during her performance of “The Doll Song.” Luna has also hit the note in that very same role.