The AMNH is a Must-See Location for Any Visitor to New York

American Museum of Natural History, New York

One of New York’s most important museums, if not the country’s, is only three blocks away from the Hotel Belleclaire, located on West 77th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.

The American Museum of Natural History is a treasure of unique and extraordinary proportions. Founded in 1869, the AMNH was first located in the Arsenal building in Central Park until its present home was constructed. The cornerstone of the first building was laid down in 1874 and opened in 1877.

Over the many years since then several buildings have taken over, adding to the grand design and monumental feeling of the dedicated location. The main entrance on Central Park West leads visitors directly into an enormous Roman style basilica where they are welcomed by a scene burned into the memory of all who have gazed upon it; a cast reconstruction of the skeleton of a Barosaurus protecting her children from an attack by a hungry Allosaurus.

Within the building visitors can visit a huge number of exhibits and halls, including but not limited to the Hall of African Mammals, the Hall of Meteorites, and the Halls of Fossils. If stars are more your interest, then by all means visit the adjoining Rose Center for Earth and Space, formerly the Hayden Planetarium.

Whether you are in New York for business or pleasure, make sure the AMNH is on your list of “must-see” places.

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