Brooklyn Diner Tastes Like Home

Times Square Brooklyn Diner

Heading out to Times Square and looking for a New York eatery with real personality? You are in luck, because the Brooklyn Diner at 155 West 43rd Street at Times Square is just what you are looking for.

Patrons will experience an authentic encounter with some of the most beloved foods of the American cuisine scene, with a special emphasis on the attitude found throughout the major neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  The ethnic kaleidoscope on hand is a United Nations of flavors and styles ‘just like mom used to make, ” including Jewish, Italian, Irish and much, much more.

And no need to “clean your plate” in order to get dessert, either. The desserts are mind-blowing affairs designed to send you practically back to the womb.

Anyone staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Iroquois should stroll on over to Times Square, just a few short blocks away, and relive your childhood at the Brooklyn Diner.

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