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The Evolution of the Hotel Belleclaire

Last week, New York Times contributor Michael Milton described many of the changes the Hotel Belleclaire has endured since its humble beginnings in the early 20th century.   Personifying the hotel – a part of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph hotel network – he had admired it himself for so long that in 1982 he vowed “someday [to be] living in that building.”

The Hotel Belleclaire has seen many faces (including famous ones like Maxim Gorky, Babe Ruth and Mark Twain) and has also endured its share of dramatic action.  But in recent years it has undergone quite the renovation, becoming the quintessentially boutique hotel it is today. As Milton so eloquently describes:

But the lobby has since been recreated with an eye toward the hotel’s elegant past. It is now light-filled and wood paneled, with subtle dark stone insets in the walls near the elevators. After much work, the simple original mosaic — worthy of a prosperous Pompeian merchant’s home — has been unearthed. Hiding beyond a black dropped ceiling and lost to everyone’s memory was a vast expanse of glass which once covered the hotel’s fashionable Palm Court and has now been restored to its full glory.

In addition, the hotel is currently undergoing “a partial exterior restoration, an undertaking which will help bring back much of its original grandeur.”  All the changes themselves have an impact as they are happening, as Hotel Belleclaire Manager Robert Holmes said pointing out that where the limestone was from (Indiana) and how it “pulled up from a site close to one [architecture Emery] Roth used for the original limestone decorations.”

As Winston Churchill once said, “we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”  With this statement he must have been referring to the Hotel Belleclaire.

Central Park Walking Tours: The Best Way to See New York in the Spring

Northwoods of Central Park

As the long, cold winter dissipates and the gorgeous New York spring takes hold, why not treat yourself to one of the loveliest activities the city has to offer, at the best time of year to do it: that is walk the park.

Since 1873 New York’s Central Park has been a destination for millions of residents and tourists alike. And why not? Beautiful meadows, incredible wildflowers, sensational blossoming trees, and a host of other attractions to bring pleasure to all your senses just abound within the confines of this mother of all urban parks.

Since the park is so large and complex, with many hidden treasures and tucked-away delights, we recommend that an expert take you to explore the highlights of this wonderful location. Central Park Walking Tours is just the tour group to show you the best the park has to offer.

Next time you are staying in New York, especially if you are at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, be sure to explore the wonders of the historic and inspiring Central Park.

Verdi Square a Small Wonder of New York

Verdi Square Just Down the Street from Shimmie Horn's Belleclaire Hotel

Visit Verdi Square and experience a bit of New York City history at the intersection of Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue and West 73rd Street, just down the street from Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire.

New York City Parks and Recreation acquired the spot in 1887, but did not designate a permanent name until 1921. The area was a favorite place to build villas during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and at the turn of the century the square was a meeting place for musicians. Enrico Caruso and Arturo Toscanini were known to frequent the square.

Verdi Square was bestowed with the status of Scenic Landmark in 1974 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Only eight other public parks have been so designated. In 1997 the monument was restored using monies from the Broadway/72nd Associates.

Stroll a few blocks downtown from the Belleclaire and visit one of the small wonders of New York City.

Kid Friendly Manhattan at the Children’s Museum

Traveling with kids in New York? Don’t worry, New York is a great place to show kids a great time. For instance, try a visit to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Children's Museum of Manhattan

at The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street. The CMOM prides itself on its mission to be a place for families to come and learn, grow and play together, for the past thirty years. The museum has been a destination for children to come with their families and become happy, healthy and creative global citizens. Over 350,000 families each year are invited to explore at the museums incredible exhibits, unique programs and wonderful performances.
Some exhibits which children can explore are “Monkey King: A Story from China,” “City Splash,” “Playworks,” and many more. There is a large assortment of workshops, programs and performances which are just perfect for the ages and temperaments of every child.
Take a look at what the Children’s Museum of Manhattan has to offer. If you are staying nearby, for instance at Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire Hotel at 250 West 77th Street, right off of Broadway, then you are closer than you think to having a fabulous time with your child or children in New York City.

Shopping the Day Away at Barneys

Of course there are many reasons to visit the Big Apple; among them theater, great restaurants, business meetings, and of course some of the world’s best shopping. If you happen to be a guest at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, then you have easy access to one of New York’s most exclusive retailers, Barneys, New York.

Within the hallowed walls of Barneys classy shoppers will be rewarded for their efforts with some of the world’s most sought-after designer clothing, up-to-the-minute styles, and even some surprising bargains during the Barneys yearly warehouse sale, which happens to be taking place right now. From February 16 until February 26 lucky shoppers can save as much as 75% on much of the Barneys collection of designer clothing, shoes, housewares, and a lot more.
Barneys also sponsors events, such as workshops to learn better make-up application techniques or a free facial as a gift with every purchase.
Shopping at Barneys is not just a shopping trip, it is an experience. So if you are staying at the Hotel Belleclaire, it is only a short walk down to Barneys, located at 2151 Broadway between West 75th and 76th Streets. Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire is only two blocks away, at 250 West 77th Street, right off of Broadway. Happy shopping!

Kids ‘N Comedy Guarantees Laughs for You and Your Family

Ryan Drum Comedian from the "Comics in Love Show" on February 12

Looking something unique to do on a Sunday in New York while you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire Hotel? Why not take a chance on some of the funniest kids in New York? At the Gotham Comedy Club at 173 West 78th Street, just two blocks from the Belleclaire, catch the Kids ‘N Comedy show every Sunday at 1pm.

The show is appropriate for children as young as nine, and as old as, well according to their website, as old as “really, really old.”
Enjoy a fun afternoon with the whole family, laughing and sharing a great time.
To check their schedule and get more information call: 212-877-6115.

Zabar’s: A New York Tradition

Staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire on West 77th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue? If so, and you are in the mood to visit one of New York’s most talked about food emporiums, then you should head on over to Zabar’s at West 80th Street and Broadway, only three short blocks from the Belleclaire.

A visit to Zabar’s is like a visit to New York, it can’t be described, only experienced.

Zabar's in 1945

Zabar’s was founded in 1934 by Louis and Lillian Zabar when they rented space in the Daitch Market to sell “appetizing,” (smoked fish, etc.) As the Zabar reputation grew, so did their customer base, until the Zabars took over the entire Daitch Market, and Zabar’s was born.

The store continued to expand, buying

Zabar's Today

shops adjacent as they became available, while always run as a family enterprise. Today the store encompasses over 20,000 square feet of retail space (almost an entire city block) and employs 250 people to run the exciting market called Zabar’s. The family is still active in the store; there is always at least one Zabar on the premises.

According to Zabar’s, they sell more than 8,000 pounds of coffee each week, and have over 35,000 customers visit, each and every week.

They are open 365 days a year 8am to 7:30pm during the week, 8am to 8pm on Saturday, and 9am to 6pm on Sunday. Call 212-787-2000 for more information.

Historic Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater

The Beacon Theater, at 2124 Broadway between 74th and 75th Streets, is the older sister to Radio City Music Hall. Just like RCMH, the Beacon was the vision of Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, the legendary theatrical impresario of the ‘Roaring Twenties.’

The distinctive Art Deco style of the Beacon, designed by the great Chicago architect Walter Ahlschlager, makes the Beacon one of the most magnificent buildings of its kind in New York. The fact that it was designated as a national landmark in 1979 and is on the National Register of Historic Places attests to its unique beauty and historic importance.

The Beacon Theater opened its doors in 1929 and is known for having incredible acoustics. The sound-system was so well designed that the original system is still in use to today, still providing near-perfect acoustics for the pleasure of the audience.

Such entertainment luminaries as the Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Radiohead, and Queen have performed at the Beacon. In October 2006 Bill Clinton concluded the celebration of his 60th birthday at the Beacon with a private Rolling Stones concert.

If you are going to be staying at any of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels, and especially if you will be a guest at the Hotel Belleclaire at 250 West 77th Street, it is certainly worth a visit to see the glorious Beacon Theater.

New Years in New York

If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels

Times Square on New Year's Eve

over the New Year’s holiday, then you are well positioned to have one of the most memorable of all possible New Year’s Eve celebrations.

You can go a New Year’s party at any number of exciting venues, from the Bryant Park Grill, two blocks from the Iroquois Hotel; to a party at Frames NYC, a bowling hot spot with a nightclub, bar and restaurant all rolled into one, just south of the Washington Jefferson Hotel along 9th Avenue; or go to a concert at the Beacon Theater on Broadway and 74th Street, just down Broadway from the Hotel Belleclaire on West 77th Street; Gov’t Mule is featured this New Year’s Eve.

Whichever way you choose to spend the holiday, if you are staying at any of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels, you are not far from the best entertainment New York City has to offer.

Stand Up NY for Great Comedy

One of New York's Oldest Comedy Clubs

On West 78th Street just off of Broadway is one of the country’s most talked about clubs for standup comedy, Stand Up NY.

Among New York’s oldest comedy clubs, Stand Up NY was first opened in the spring of 1986. This premier club is dedicated to finding the hottest new talent on the comedy scene, and so far they have been quite successful. Some of America’s funniest comics got their start performing at Stand Up NY, including such luminaries as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart.

It is possible to see both veteran comedians and newcomers at the club. All week long the stage is crowded with comedians who have performed at some of the top venues for comedy, such as Comedy Central, HBO, and all the major broadcasting companies.

If you love comedy, and especially if you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, then hop on over to Stand Up NY, it’s just across the street.