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New York City Technology

kioskEast Village has just gotten the first ever free Wi-Fi Kiosk in New York City. Located at 3rd Avenue near Manhattan’s 15th Street, it has to undergo QC first but once it starts working it will be at 2.0 signal strength, with a range of 150 feet. It is hoped that it will be as fast as Google Fiber.

Gone are the old pay phone booths and in their stead, 7,500 hubs are planned by the city over the next eight years. It is anticipated that screen advertising will generate $500 million revenue over the next 12 years.

Meanwhile, other parts of the city and other areas of technology are decidedly low-tech and lacking in any modern features. For example, New York City’s subway system which uses century-old technology. At the moment, the state agency responsible for the subway, the MTA is undergoing a budget battle to get the funds needed for this very necessary update.

Artists in the East Village

art galleryAn art gallery in New York’s East Village that seeks to boost local artists was just opened by Carly Zuendel. Named Moxie in Des Moines’, it is located at 505 E. Grand Avenue which is also home to Raygun, Domestica, Thelma’s Treats and Mars Cafe.

At the gallery, 10 artists display their work – the majority of whom live locally. There are different prints and paintings as well jewelry, 3D sculptures and pieces for the home. It is aiming to become a great place to both buy and sell cutting edge art.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Dining in Style

foodFor those staying in the center of the world – aka the Flatiron District which exemplifies all that New York City is about – take some time out for fine dining. At Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler, sits a stunning, boutique flatiron restaurant. Juni provides an intimate setting, with space for just 50 people and offers fresh, seasonal foods to its customers. The name comes from the Latin word for June and each season the food changes, reflecting “the best local harvests.”

Get out of the crowded, fast-paced atmosphere for a while and enjoy the delicacies prepared by Chef Hergatt, who trained as an apprentice at Crystal Twig and won the AHA’s Best Young Chef award in 2000.

As well, the Juni Bar offers “custom fruit- and vegetable-inspired cocktails, fine wines and a rotating selection of beers,” and is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.

Texan-Indian Cuisine comes to Flatiron District

chickenA Texan-Indian style restaurant – Pondicheri – is making its way to New York. Leasing a 3, 363 square foot ground floor space in the Flatiron District, close to Shimmie Horn’s Triumph hotels, this eatery will be the first retail tenant using space from the Madison Square portfolio. A 15-year lease has been signed and the restaurant will take possession in April or May.

Featuring an updated skylight and storefront, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling casement windows, Pondicheri will serve its clients a whole array of foods, from the Hopper (a Sri Lankan inspired, crisp coconut, chia seed & rice shell filled with masala eggs / coconut salad / kerala sauce) for a mere $5, to the Fried Chicken Tuesday (Half of a Bryan Farm chicken marinated in a spicy yogurt masala then dusted in chickpea flour, served with curried fingerling potatoes, arugula & blueberry salad, chutney and pumpkin buns) for $25.

However, the owners are not committing to the menu staying the same all the time, claiming that it “might change due to seasonally available ingredients, relentless experimentation, and musing moods.” Don’t forget to leave room for dessert though, and hope that the powers-that-be will always make the Café Annie Brownie (moist brownie from the legendary restaurant with Valrhona cocoa & walnuts) and Ginger Cloud Cookie available.

Sweetgreen Opening in Soho

SCG Retail just signed a lease for Sweetgreen to open in Soho, on Kenmare Street. Not far from The Evelyn, Shimmie Horn’s hotel in the Manhattan NoMad area, SCG Retail broker David Firestein pointed out that the neighborhood is “perfect for Sweetgreen’s farm-to-table approach to convenient food. Kenmare is a great location because it’s strategically positioned to tap into the tourist flow, the daytime office crowd, and the residents who are hungry night or day.”

Fast food has traditionally been extremely unhealthy fare. Now though, Sweetgreen has given fast food a different rep. When the company was launched back in 2007 it was through the three founders’ “locally sourced and organic ingredient” approach. The company is committed to “community and sustainability.”

In addition, the company offers local NYC schools educational programs in schools on the importance of eating healthy, wellness, etc. SCG Retail decided on the Kenmare Street location because of the food rejuvenation occurring in the area, with places like: Taim, Rubirosa, Parm, la Esquina, Osteria Morini.

Young Talent Comes to TriBeCa

jazzEleven-year old Joey Alexander is about to bring his talent to New York City. The super top child pianist – who lives in Indonesia – taught himself to play piano at the tender age of six. Now, he is all set to make his debut at the Apollo Theater and the Lincoln Center.

A couple of weeks ago, Joey was playing in Tribeca (close to Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel – Tribeca), with Julliard students double his age with twice his experience! He was playing in order to raise money for a visa so that he could stay in New York City. He said that he likes music, but in particular he pointed out that “the music of jazz is here in New York.”

Well, he’s right there since New York certainly has a name for its jazz.

New York Hotels – Great Package Deals

new-york-cityThe US offers so many hot-spots and vacation destinations. New York City will always be one of the most popular destinations for domestic and international tourists alike. When vacationing in New York, finding just the right hotel deal can make-or-break one’s visit. These days, many top hotels in the central areas – right by the tourist attractions – offer great deals for each person’s needs.

From romance to divorce packages, executive deals to theme hotels, New York has it all. While the Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa has been traditionally known for its top-class weddings, it is moving with the times and now offering a $5,000 package to divorcing couples. With the “Divorce Hotel” program, the couple is given separate rooms, and can use all the amenities. And, if desired, the couple can be filmed for a reality show as they embark on to the next stage of their lives.

This is quite a leap from Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels’ romance package that focuses on “seclusion in upscale setting.” As well, one of its recent packages was the Key to New York City where visitors who booked 3+ nights at any of these six hotels received – free – a one-way car service between the hotel and NYC’s three airports, or a complimentary experience in one of the six neighborhoods.

There are always new and exciting packages being offered in New York’s top hotels. Check them out before booking for the best and most useful deal for your needs.

New York Fashion Week

new-york-fashion-week-spring-summer-2013-537x402For New York, it’s that time of year again… New York Fashion Week. There was so much happening last week at one of The Big Apple’s most-watched-and-talked-about annual events that it could have been a bit overwhelming for some.  What to look out for?  What must be seen?  What cannot be missed?  For any of those vacationing in an exclusive hotel in town such as one of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph hotels, a bit of advice might not have gone unheeded to prevent missing the best of fashion, 2014.

One really cool presentation at last week’s festivities was the one that came from the students.  Each year they seem to get younger and younger.   And this year was no exception.  Perhaps the designer who garnered the most attention – and rightly so for being so talented, so young – was Isabella Rose Taylor. The 13-year old from Austin, TX, presented her first New York Fashion Week collection, off the backdrop of its debut at Nordstrom stores nationwide!

Some other hot items to spot this year included designs made from foam embellishments and digital prints (brought to us by Carolina Herrera) a dedication to Joan Rivers, technology-enabled immediate purchasing through (cheaper than the company’s regular high-end line), Diane von Furstenberg breaking into song at the end of her fashion presentation.

Also this year there appeared to be a lot of color at the show, such as bright red and blue trench coats presented by Tim Coppens.  Well, New York can get a bit dreary so why not brighten the place up a bit?

One just can’t help but try to imagine “what will they come up with next?”  Well, 2015 will be sure to show us.

Gearing Up for Manhattan’s EstroGenius Festival

EstroGeniusEvery year, for close to a decade-and-a-half, the Manhattan Theatre Source has been presenting its EstroGenius Festival – a true celebration of the power and wonder of women.  This multimedia festival brings together a slew of female voices from an array of different disciplines, including: short plays, dances, visual arts, special performances and more.

This year the festival will take place between October 2nd and November 1st at Stage Left Studios.  Located nearby some of the nicest hotels in the area (including Shimmie Horn’s Gershwin Hotel on East 27th Street, the Courtyard New York Manhattan/Times Square South on West 40th Street and the Crowne Plaza Times Square on 1605 Broadway to name but a few), this festival is a lot of fun for tourists looking for something different to do with their time in the Big Apple.

There will be special performances by teen program Girl Be Heard that uses theater to empower young women, boosting their confidence, in spite of their own personal challenges.  Watch this space for more details, as next month EstroGenius artists will be announced for this year’s festival.

Swimming Around Manhattan Island

manhattan-islandAs a fundraiser for the Les Turner ALS Foundation, at the end of last month, 56-year old Doug McConnell swam a 28.5 mile trip around Manhattan Island. Completing the “triple crown” of open water swimming, this follows McConnell’s success over the last few years such as his 2011 English Channel swim and his Catalina Channel swim the year later.

In 2006 McConnell’s father died from ALS, spurring his son Doug to raise money for research into the disease.  This year is particularly significant for ALS since July 4th marked the 75th anniversary of the infamous Lou Gehrig’s ‘Luckiest Man’ speech, delivered at the original Yankees stadium.  Just short of two years later – at the young age of 37 – Lou Gehrig himself passed away from the disease.

McConnell’s father himself was very athletic, having been a vet working with dairy cattle.  To witness his strength ebb away so quickly, was very difficult for Doug.  It was 12 years after his diagnosis that he finally succumbed to the disease entirely and passed away.  Doug explains that swimming for charity became “away to make it feel a little bit less selfish, and add another facet or element to the whole thing. Frankly, it has added far more than I have ever bargained for.”