Central Park Walking Tours: The Best Way to See New York in the Spring

Northwoods of Central Park

As the long, cold winter dissipates and the gorgeous New York spring takes hold, why not treat yourself to one of the loveliest activities the city has to offer, at the best time of year to do it: that is walk the park.

Since 1873 New York’s Central Park has been a destination for millions of residents and tourists alike. And why not? Beautiful meadows, incredible wildflowers, sensational blossoming trees, and a host of other attractions to bring pleasure to all your senses just abound within the confines of this mother of all urban parks.

Since the park is so large and complex, with many hidden treasures and tucked-away delights, we recommend that an expert take you to explore the highlights of this wonderful location. Central Park Walking Tours is just the tour group to show you the best the park has to offer.

Next time you are staying in New York, especially if you are at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, be sure to explore the wonders of the historic and inspiring Central Park.

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