Drinking up Manhattan

Of course, there is the traditional Manhattan cocktail; something that is easy enough to DIY…it’s just pretty much a mixture of sweet vermouth, bourbon whiskey, bitters, topped with a maraschino cherry and an umbrella! It’s not all that pricey either.

But for those who want to go a little bit more out of the box, there is now the GG Manhattan. Served up at the Irvington, on Park Avenue, north of Union Square, as well as offering this rather pricey cocktail ($30 a pop), there are some great food options too.

In actuality, the GG Manhattan is not really all that expensive as it is actually designed for two. It is a sharing drink so can also create and build intimacy. It comes with a couple of rocks glasses, brimming with ice and a flask, that comes very cold and labeled GG Manhattan – but the label just uses a magic marker and piece of masking tape!

For those hungry after their drink, enjoy what has been hailed as “New American [cuisine] with Mediterranean influences.”

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