Exclusive Sushi on the Lower East Side

For sushi with a difference, check out Rayuela.  Offering creative sushi dishes, this restaurant is perhaps, surprisingly, not even Japanese, but Latino!  Located in New York’s Lower East Side, the eatery’s signature dish – tuna rellena – is very popular, having survived two menu makeovers.  So what does this $14 dish offer?  Atkins would be proud since it is a far cry from traditional sushi (omitting the rice) but focuses on avocado and tuna and is, simultaneously, in line with Latin-fusion.  Other ingredients include shrimp and crab which are joined together by spicy chipotle aioli.  Avocado mousse and mandolined cucumbers grace this dish along with a soy sauce broth.

So for those in the area – maybe on vacation or business – who want to get a feel for Latinos and Asian fare, enjoy a bite (or 10!) at Rayuela!

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