Fashion in Manhattan

New York City is known for its fashion.  From popular TV shows to dramatic catwalks, New York is one of the major fashion cities of the world.  What is perhaps less well-known is the Garment District – aka The Garment Center/Fashion District that sits between Fifth and Ninth Avenue, spanning 34th to 42nd Street.  If you happen to have some time spare this summer – perhaps you are vacationing at Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel, the American Inn, or the Bryant Park Hotel – you might want to take advantage of being in one of the world centers for fashion.

Indeed, this isn’t something new.  The Garment District got its name back in the earth 20th century, being seen as the center for fashion design and manufacturing in America, and perhaps worldwide too.  Today, the area comprises most of New York’s showrooms, fashion labels and fashion process, making it a worldwide leader in the fashion industry in one single district.

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