Hip Hop Tours Unique to New York

Welcome to Hip Hop Tours

Just one block away from Shimmie Horn’s Chandler Hotel is something that could only exist in New York, and that is a tour company called Hush Hip Hop Tours.

This original company offers exciting and innovative cultural sightseeing tours of what they call the “Four Elements:” DJing, MCing, B-Boy/B-Girl dance techniques, and Graffiti art.

Hush Hip Hop Tours opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2002, and since then they have brought visitors to New York and natives alike on an amazing celebration of the Big Apple as the original home of Hip Hop culture.
Utilizing the services of celebrity tour guides such as Ralph McDaniels,Reggie Reg and Kurtis Blow, Hip Hop Tours is better able to discover and preserve the sources of hip hop culture while also bringing visitors to the places which are still making history.

For an authentic taste of what makes New York the dynamic center of culture that it is, a tour with Hush Hip Hop Tours will open your eyes and excite your imagination. Located at 292 Fifth Avenue, only one block from the Chandler Hotel on 31st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, taking a Hip Hop Tour is certainly within your reach.

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