New York City Architecture

New York City Midtown Skyline (?????)A new book published by the University of Illinois Press sheds light on riveting NYC architecture and more. Authored by Professor Wallace, “Media Capital: Architecture and Communications in New York City,” examines the few remaining landmarks in the area constructed by media moguls for the express purpose of validating their dominance.  This book might be of interest to those with a fascination for New York City, its buildings, architecture and how things have changed.  Indeed, for those who frequent modern, luxurious places such as Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel – Tribeca, the book provides an interesting comparison to what was then versus what is now.  Wallace points out in the book how architecture “has served in no small capacity to shore up legitimacy in moments of doubt.”  She also believes that the pattern is coming full circle – near the old Newspaper Row, in downtown New York, there is now a resurgence with moves by The Daily News and Condé Nast along with new media in old media space.

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