Pasta for Expensive Tastes

Pasta is usually a relatively cheap way to eat.  But it can also be surprisingly expensive.  Especially if one chooses the special pasta dish on offer at Midtown Manhattan’s BiCE restaurant, close to Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel.  Indeed, ordering one of their pasta dishes can set one back $2,013!  Apparently it is made from mixed wild mushrooms, 2 pound lobster, shaved seasonal black truffles.  It arrives on a Limited Edition Gianni Versace Bice plate, which was made specifically for Bice 7 months before the death of Gianni Versace and is signed and numbered.  The guest even gets to take it home.

Given that the place is worth a mere$350, this means the guest is still paying a staggering $1,663 for the food.  Quite pricey for a bit of pasta.

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