Pedicabs for Tourists

Tourists anywhere in the world are, unfortunately, a prime target for getting taken advantage of.  Whether it is at market stores, negotiating with street vendors, or even taking a cab ride, tourists have a generally harder time staying on a budget than locals.  However, there is now good news for those who happen to be taking a vacation in New York, perhaps staying at Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel, Gramercy Park Hotel, or The Jane Hotel.  The city’s local council just approved new regulations for pedicabs in the area, with the specific goal of safeguarding tourists against greedy, unethical cab drivers. Pedicab drivers are now being legally requested to charge their customers by the minute, with the timer clearly visible.

Until now, it has been more common for pedicab drivers to charge per city block and passenger, with some even putting on additional fees and surcharges.  There was one dreadful case a few months ago of a Texan family paying over $400 for a 14-block ride.  Now, with the new pedicab law, this issue just will not arise.

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