Pokemon’s 20th Birthday Celebrations

pikachuJust took place in Midtown Manhattan, right by Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel. This video game character took the world by a storm for years and years and today has kids equally enchanted. In the 1990s people kept trying to “catch ‘em all, ” and last weekend a team of huge Pikachu characters could be found running around the city in celebration.

Pikachus’ started their parade by the Brooklyn Bridge, moved along to Midtown Manhattan and then finished their walk at Penn Station. The crowd that came to witness this event was so large that an entire team of handlers were brought in to navigate the situation.

Of course, it was also good for business given that a new set of Pokemon-based games is due to come out later this year. In addition, the New York Nintendo store provided fun and games in recognition of two decades of Pokemon fun.

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