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Taking a TriBeCan Trek

When staying at Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel TriBeCa, why not make the most of some of the services offered there?  In conjunction with Streetwise New York Tours, Horn’s Triumph Hotel chain has put together a bunch of informative guided tours in various neighborhoods. As a hotel guest, you can enjoy these tours for free.

Scheduled every day except Monday, the tours all begin at one of the Triumph hotels.  Details are below:

Tuesday-10:00 a.m.
Hotel Edison – Times Square
Discover Art Deco New York, Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

Wednesday-11:00 a.m.
Hotel Bellaclaire – Upper West Side
Take a stroll through the best of the Upper West Side and Central Park, including Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Terrace.

Thursday-9:30 a.m.
Washington Jefferson Hotel – Hell’s Kitchen
Discover the hidden gems of Times Square, its Theater District and the neighboring Hell’s Kitchen

Friday-9:30 a.m.
Cosmopolitan Hotel – TriBeCa
Explore the art and fashion near the Financial District and new Freedom Tower.

Saturday-10:00 a.m.
The Evelyn – NoMad
Hotel Chandler – Flatiron
Shop the Italian market and outdoor Union Square Greenmarket in the Flatiron/NoMad District.

Sunday-10:30 a.m.
Iroquois New York – Midtown
Experience classic Midtown Manhattan at Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and the New York Public Library.

Japanese Art in Midtown Manhattan

midtown-manhattanYayaoi Kusama, a Japanese artist, has her first artwork displayed in a permanent public place in midtown Manhattan.  Located at 605 West 42nd Street, close to Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel which “combines classic design and contemporary amenities to create a quintessentially New York City experience,” the piece is of a bronze pumpkin that is surrounded by the ‘infinity loop motor court,’ at the building’s entrance.

According to CEO of the Moinian Group, Sky developer (which spearheaded the redevelopment of the area), Joseph Moinian, the company is “deeply proud to present New York with its first Yayoi Kusama bronze Pumpkin for all to enjoy.  It is an honor and a privilege to have such an iconic and important work of art by one of the world’s greatest living artists permanently residing in front of Sky. I hope it will become a cherished emblem of culture in the city for generations to come.”

In terms of art, one of Shimmie Horn’s other hotels – the Hotel Chandler – features many architectural elements reminiscent of the Beaux Arts era, designed by Jorge L. Portero.

Designed by Jorge L. Portero, the Hotel Chandler NY shows off numerous architectural elements reminiscent of the Beaux Arts era.

New York Gets Donation

NYC-libraryThe city of New York has just received a substantial donation to be used for the enhancement of its libraries and main park.  Mary McConnell Bailey who recently passed away at the age of 88, made a will that requested the city receive a staggering $20m.  The generous lady lived a very modest life – her extraordinary wealth was not known.  She was just known as a hospital and school volunteer. Even her neighbor was shocked at this, having no idea she had anywhere near this sort of money.

Clearly with such a large donation, the city’s libraries and park will undergo quite a change.  For one returning to visit the area – perhaps staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – in a few years’ time these New York staples might look quite different.  Because Bailey spent so little of her money on herself (living out her days in a very basic Manhattan apartment), the city of New York is set to benefit greatly.

Exclusive Sushi on the Lower East Side

For sushi with a difference, check out Rayuela.  Offering creative sushi dishes, this restaurant is perhaps, surprisingly, not even Japanese, but Latino!  Located in New York’s Lower East Side, the eatery’s signature dish – tuna rellena – is very popular, having survived two menu makeovers.  So what does this $14 dish offer?  Atkins would be proud since it is a far cry from traditional sushi (omitting the rice) but focuses on avocado and tuna and is, simultaneously, in line with Latin-fusion.  Other ingredients include shrimp and crab which are joined together by spicy chipotle aioli.  Avocado mousse and mandolined cucumbers grace this dish along with a soy sauce broth.

So for those in the area – maybe on vacation or business – who want to get a feel for Latinos and Asian fare, enjoy a bite (or 10!) at Rayuela!

Raising New York’s Spirits Post-Hurricane

There’s no better place to be on Thanksgiving than New York City, and this year – despite Hurricane Sandy – was no different.  Huge helium balloons were flying in the sky in New York’s Central Park even the day prior to the special day with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. It marked the most expansive public event in a city still trying to bounce back from such a devastation.

The parade’s executive producer, Amy Kule commented, “as it has during turbulent times in our history, we hope the Macy’s Parade serves as a beacon of hope for all who tune in and gather with friends and family to give thanks this season, as they continue to heal from the devastating aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.”  Well, it certainly did that and was a real boost for both locals and tourists alike this year.  For those in the nearby vicinity, perhaps staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler or the Waldorf Towers, this was certainly a Thanksgiving Day to remember and to be thankful for all the city has been able to do in spite of its huge disaster.

Pâtisserie François Payard

Pâtisserie François Payard has just returned to the Upper East Side.  Payard is now located on 74th Street.  So for those in the area – perhaps staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – it is worth checking out this stunning space with a scrumptious line of chocolate bonbons; sweet and salty macaroons (in flavors like Squid Ink with Cream Cheese and Olive Tapenade), and attractive petits gâteaux. As well, customers will be able to choose from the large savory menu.  According to Payard, “we worked on the line for a long time, since a year ago. And I designed the shop myself. It’s all about elegance and beauty. A pastry chef is more than a chef, we’re very artistic people.”  Sounds heavenly.

Madison Avenue Underpass

The crazy busyness in Madison Avenue might soon be lightening up.  It will take a while and be a bit of a mess beforehand, but, once the planned bike trail underpass is constructed, it is going to make things much easier for residents and tourists alike.

For those staying in the area – perhaps at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – by the time the underpass is ready in 2013, there will be a much calmer feeling. The construction plan is to make the underpass similar to the existing one on Railroad Avenue. It will cost $1.4m with $848,000 from federal grant and city funding.

The Flatiron District

For those who love the yin and yang of New York City, its Flatiron District will not disappoint. Boasting some of NY’s most popular and diverse restaurants, exciting shopping, top educational institutions, and notable historic architectural attractions, the area has increasingly become home to many of the city’s residents too. As well, in recent years it has become a haven for developing business with the establishment in 2006 of The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District.

So for those individuals who may be on a business trip at the moment – perhaps at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – they might want to take part in the “How to Get the First Meeting” class being hosted by The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District.  This will focus on development methods, strategy and tactics to help business people secure that first meeting.  Learn how to create a target list; source accurate contact information and introduce your product/service to make you really stand out.  Getting that first meeting really can make the difference between success and letting others succeed in your stead, so make sure you learn how to the best of your abilities.

Taking a Tour around Stuyvesant Town

If you want to take a complete mental and physical break from the hubbub of New York City without actually having to venture out too far, Stuyvesant Town—Peter Cooper Village should be the next stop on your agenda.

Named after Peter Stuyvesant – the New Amsterdam’s Dutch colony’s final Director General – the area has been described as one of the most successful post-World War 2 private housing communities.  It got the name Peter Stuyvesant as it was his farm that occupied the site in the 17th century.  Its other name – Peter Cooper Village – came from the founder of Cooper Union, inventor Peter Cooper.

It is also very picturesque. Comprising a whole slew of red brick apartment buildings that span First Avenue to Avenue C, between 14th and 23rd Streets, it covers approximately 80 acres of land.  Included in this are: 56 residential buildings, 11,250 apartments, all housing more than 25,000 residents.

So the next time you find yourself somewhere in the big city – perhaps luxuriating in Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – take a walk over to Manhattan’s East Side in New York City and get away from the hubbub of happenings, for which the Big Apple is commonly-known.

Great Green Times at Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park Playground and Garden

If you are looking for an oasis of green, calm and gorgeous flowers in the midst of the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, well then just wander on over to Madison Square Park.
This large and well-groomed park is located between Fifth and Madison Avenues and East 23rd and 26th Streets, and is filled to the brim with activities and things to see. There are monuments, fountains, buildings of note, reflecting pools and even a ‘roadside’ food stand which was designed specifically to blend in to the park’s surroundings.
The space which Madison Square Park occupies was used as a public space as early as 1686. Almost 200 years later, in 1847, Madison Square Park, named for the country’s fourth president opened as a formal, dedicated public park. During the late 19th century this park was the fulcrum of one of New York’s most fashionable and affluent residential areas, including some of the city’s most elegant hotels.
Right now Madison Square Park is at the heart of a newly revitalized business district, surrounded by office buildings, hotels and residences. The newly renovated park has stimulated additional residential real estate development which in turn helps to bring in a new generation of youthful park users.
Some of the highlights of the park are:
•    Flower Gardens
•    Children’s Award-Winning Playground
•    Free Wi-Fi through NYCwireless
•    Jemmy’s Dog Run, named one of New York’s best dog runs by CBS News
•    Shake Shack: high-quality food in an ivy-covered ‘green’ building
If you are staying as a guest  at the Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler at 12 East 31st Street, you won’t regret taking the short walk over to Madison Square Park and enjoying one of the places that make New York a special place to be.