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Cookies and Good Deeds Collide in New NYC Bakery

A tiny new bakery has opened on Wall Street, in a space barely larger than a closet. What’s even more interesting, though, is that this space is actually a significant step up for the Feed Your Soul Café, a boutique cookie shop which grew from infancy in a small studio apartment.

Fast forward 10 years and it’s now a popular online retailer for baked goods and cookie dough with a philanthropic twist: for each order that is placed, a freshly baked cookie is donated to The Coalition of the Homeless. These cookies play a significant role in their everyday milestones and special events like birthday parties.

Owner Mya Zoracki has said that while the brand has big dreams for the future, it will never lose sight of its primary goal: “to inspire and help everyone it can along the way.” The new Manhattan location is the first Feed Your Soul Cafe, and serves babkas, brownies, sticky buns and cookies.


Manhattan: Some of the Best

If you want to see some of Manhattan in its glory, enjoy this short video clip made by Helen Lee.

Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan

Check out what New York looked like in the late 19th century, right when film began.

Is Denny’s Going Upmarket?

DennysDenny’s was always the local breakfast bar, fast, not particularly healthy and very kid-friendly.  Now, however, its presence in Manhattan might be giving it a whole new name altogether.  The new Denny’s, set to open in Manhattan’s Financial District, is to offer its wares on a whole new level – $300 breakfast, upscale, with champagne.

The Grand Cru Slam has basically the same stuff as other traditional Denny’s breakfasts, but this time with a twist. The 2004 Dom Perignon Premier Cru Champagne comes with the breakfast, but for those looking for something different yet still upscale, cocktails beginning at $11 will be on offer too.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Belgian Waffle Slam, costing $10.99 will fare with hungry Manhattaners stopping by for breakfast.

Manhattan’s First Commuter Ferry: Water Taxi

NY-water taxiThis week sees the first commuter ferry travel on the Hudson River to Manhattan.  Far West Side residents will be able to take advantage of this new mode of transport, that, until now, has not been available to the midtowners.  In addition, tourists in the neighborhood – such as those staying at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel – can benefit from the New York Water Taxi.  These boats will transport people between the World Financial Center and West 44th Street, every quarter-of-an-hour during morning and evening commutes.

For those who catch the taxi the first week of travel mid-June, no payment is required.  From the second week on  however, a round trip will cost $8 with a discounted rate offered for frequent users.

This is the first Manhattan-to-Manhattan ferry service.

Recent Manhattan Excitement

Holland_tunnelManhattan encountered a wonderful slice of excitement last week as baby Nassim decided to enter the world – 6 weeks prematurely – at the Holland Tunnel.  The event has since been dubbed “the light at the end of the Holland Tunnel.”

Parents-to-be Abdel Elkarhat and Soukaina Nekhlaoui of Lodi, New Jersey, were en route to a Brooklyn hospital for the premature birth when contractions intensified, leading Elkarhat to pull over by the side of the tunnel for the baby’s unexpected fast delivery. Understandably, first time father was reported to have been “really frantic.”

Even though the news is often filled with the craziness of goings-on in the Big Apple, this heart-warming story really shows that there is also potential to encounter a beaming “light at the end of the tunnel” as well.

Manhattan’s Heliport History

Manhattan’s west side boasts a heliport at West 30th Street.  It first opened with two landing pads in 1956.  A few months later, passenger flights were scheduled by New York Airways, marking Manhattan’s first ever airline flights. Given that there are no instrument procedures required (it’s not an airport) those boating in the Hudson River need to be particularly careful when approaching the landing pad.

For those vacationing in the area, at Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire Hotel, the Clarion Hotel, or anywhere else in the vicinity, they might be interested in taking a tourist flight out there.  Remember, the estimated time for the heliport to relocate, is the end of this year, due to a court agreement which resulted from the action taken by the Friends of Hudson River Park that enforced the Hudson River Park Act, banning tourism flights from there.  So enjoy it now as it’s new location has yet to be confirmed.