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Star Wars Bar Opens in NYC

A Star Wars-themed bar has popped up in NYC, with drinks like Red Force, Blue Force and the Mindtrick. The Darkside Bar has two sister bars in Washington D.C. and L.A.


NYC To Welcome Self-Driving Cars in 2018

New York City is ushering in a new era of cars in collaboration with General Motors. Starting in 2018, a number of self-driving Chevy Bolts will take to the streets within a 5-mile section of NYC. The city has previously opposed the inclusion of automated cars in the city traffic, but recent developments in GM’s Cruise Automation technology has turned the tables.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the testing will take place in a designated area under the direct supervision of engineers. There will also be a police escort for cars on the road, as well as several other rules to ensure safe transportation.

Cruise Automation CEO Kyle Vogt explained: “Testing in New York will accelerate the timeline to deploying self-driving cars at scale.” Manhattan is a place which offers “new opportunities to expose our software to unusual situations, which means we can improve our software at a much faster rate,” he said.

NYC traffic conditions will certainly pose a challenge for the software, but testing and further development will better prepare the cars for an urban environment.

NYC’s Solar Eclipse

On August 21st 2017, New Yorkers flooded the streets armed with special glasses, smartphones and cameras to experience the first solar eclipse visible from NYC since 1979.

Experience the New York eclipse with Time.com:


Community Gardens Thriving in NYC

Farmers and sustainable living enthusiasts are convening throughout NYC to support the GreenThumb program’s community gardens. Spread across numerous neighborhoods, these gardens offer a green summer sanctuary as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to local communities who may be in need.

This summer, the garden count has reached 553, all of which are cultivated by a dedicated crowd of 20,000 volunteers. There is now an annual budget of $2.9 million as well as a staff of 35 people who offer free training and ongoing support, as well as tools and materials. Located on public or city-owned property, the gardens have been the subject of several real estate-related disputes.  For the most part, though, the gardens are considered an integral piece of NYC.

GreenThumb director Bill LoSasso, explained that the project is especially beneficial in communities with many new immigrants.

“Sometimes when you arrive in a new place, you don’t have a network you can tap into for support. By joining a community garden, you’re joining a network of neighbors who are coming from diverse backgrounds who can help new members of their community to get settled.”

Many newcomers to NYC have roots in agriculture as well, making community gardens a familiar, comfortable place for them to meet like-minded community members.

Mr. Efrain Estrada, for example, grows peppers, eggplants, okra and squash. Originally from Puerto Rico, Estrada has confessed that he used to hate working on his family’s farm. Now, he is actively involved in his community garden, and grows so many vegetables that he sends some home to his relatives. “I had farming in my blood,” he says.

Get Ready for Summer Streets NYC 2017

Summer Streets NYC is one of the biggest, most exciting summer activities in New York, and the 2017 happening is expected to make a real splash. Planned for three consecutive Saturdays in August, this outdoor event will turn 7 miles into a pedestrian playground complete with walking tours, dog parks, art exhibits and misting stations.

Last year’s event boasted 300,000 visitors including local families and tourists. Activities are free of charge, and this year’s event will include a 270 foot waterslide, a water park shaped like a dishwasher, 165-foot long zip line, a rock climbing wall, fitness classes and more.

Check out last year’s Summer Streets NYC event:


NYC Free Summer Show Guide

NYC in summer is the place to be. Whether you’re visiting from out-of-town or a local looking for something to do without too much of a commute, free theater and shows offer a unique, New York-themed experience that you’ll never forget! With the added benefits of fresh air, interesting people and of course the lack of expense, these shows are the perfect local activity.

Here’s a brief guide of free shows in the city:

  • Shakespeare in the Park. NY’s most prestigious free summer theater, with shows held at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.
  • New York Classical Theater. Offering a more interactive experience, these shows generally have the audience follow along for about 3 blocks.
  • Hudson Warehouse. A pay-what-you-can theater specializing in the classics and located at the Bernie Wohl Arts Center on the Upper West Side.
  • Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. An annual affair which will take place at the parking lot behind Clemento Soto on the Lower East Side.
  • Potomac Theater Project. Offers experimental workshops and other works in progress at Atlantic Stage 2.
  • Theater for the New City. This summer, the company is offering a political new musical called “Checks and Balances, or Bottoms Up!” throughout the city.

Things to do in NYC

For those who find themselves in the New York City area and want to take in the area’s landscape and major monuments, this video is good place to start.

Manhattan’s Green Green Hill

greenThat would be Inwood Hill. Right at the tip of Manhattan sits the stunning Inwood Hill along the Harlem River. What’s wonderful about this unspoiled area is that while the rest of New York (and in particular Manhattan) was just built up and changed and modified, this was quite nicely left alone. Indeed, some even say that it hasn’t been touched since the American Revolution. That’s quite something for anything in New York!

What’s fascinating about this place is that it has not gotten pulled into the growth of NYC’s “most famous metropolis,” but instead has remained in sync with nature. This stunning 196-acre forest can offer the millions of New Yorkers a vacation, some Zen time, an escape, and more while still being in the heart of The City That Never Sleeps.

Inwood Hill brings New York a sense of serenity. Greenery is always needed no matter how metropolitan a city becomes.


taxiNew York City’s taxi app Uber is currently on the lookout for 10 employees to join its team. The firm would like to hire: a marketing manager, operations and logistics manager, recruiter and four software engineers.

The firm is trying to “become an integral part of the transportation infrastructure of every city around the world. To help make this vision a reality, we’re rapidly growing our local engineering and operations teams right here in NYC.”

At the present time, Uber has approximately 60 employees in New York City (as well as a new office in Chelsea), rendering it a key player in the yellow taxi market.

Things to Do in NYC on New Year’s

ball-dropThere’s probably no more exciting place to be on New Year’s than in New York City, the City that Never Sleeps.   Whether you are there on business, vacationing at one of Shimmie Horn’s luxurious Triumph Hotels, or happen to be privileged enough to live in the Big Apple, why not make 2013 the year opening to remember, by getting tickets to the Times Square Party?

Pass prices for the 10th annual event range from $235 for standard fare from 9pm, to $295 from 7pm.  Each add-on (for various dinner packages) is $55.  The After Parties Party Pass which gives one complimentary admission to any of the Official NYE 2013 After Parties.  These commence at approximately 2am and usually cost around $35 for entrance.  The Parties All Access Party Pass gives one admission to some of the city’s most exclusive clubs, lounges and restaurants.  For partying in “green” style, check out Greenhouse which is both the city’s Premiere Nightlife Destination and first ever eco-friendly nightclub. There are over 10 after parties to choose from with this pass.

And of course, while in town, check out the crystal ball drop with its “lucky” Number 13.  Tim Hopkins is not concerned about the traditional unluckiness associated with the number claiming “we think 2013 will be an amazing year.”  Well, for those seeing it start in NYC, it probably will.