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Russia Comes to Flatiron

martial-artWell, Russian martial arts anyway. Located at 5th and 6th avenue the Polygon Elite is home to Russian Systema Martial Art, guiding “the most efficient, realistic, competent and comprehensive solution to elite hand-to-hand, close quarters combat instruction, ‘forged out of the most brutal training regime ever created’.”

These classes are great for “law enforcement, security professionals, professional contractors, consultancy to corporations, organizations & educational entities, as well as specialized civilian self-defense training in the New York City area and worldwide.”

The classes are taught by Russian Airborne Brigade and the students come away with “elite hand-to-hand fighting skills, including striking, strike absorption & pain compliance, offensive and defensive weaponry skills with a variety of weapons, including improvised & unconventional weapons, ground survival, including dive/roll/falling techniques, body movement, stealth techniques and escape, evasion & ambush tactics against individual and multiple attackers, strikes, confined spaces fighting, psychological & physiological training, including life-saving Russian Breathing/Healing work.” This can then be used in real situations when faced with “negative ‘recall/autopilot’.” As well as this core course, there are modified versions for “civilians, offering defensive, self-protection procedures.” The course is a great way to become familiar with “battle-proven hand-to-hand close quarters combat fighting tactics.”