Tribeca Film Festival

film festivalLast week saw the start of the Tribeca Film Festival. It is not very typical as film festivals go.   It doesn’t feel the need to beg for attention as it were, like international ones such as Berlin, New York, or Cannes do. It is rather, a total celebration of communal life, documenting art movies, indie pop films and more that will likely appeal to a variety of tastes.

Over the years the festival has had more and less items. For example there were 176 movies in 2005 but then that figure was slashed to 85 four years later. This year it is somewhere in between and 100+ movies will be shown at theaters in neighboring areas.

“Good Kill” by Andrew Niccol is getting a lot of attention – very exciting docudrama focusing on drone warfare with Ethan Hawke. For some humor, check out Paul Weitz’s “Grandma.”

So for those in the area who like a bit of culture, the Tribeca Film Festival is well worth a visit.

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