TriBeCa – The Venue for Culture

soul-foodFor anyone looking for a bit of extra culture, north of TriBeCa (which also is located right by one of Shimmie Horn’s luxurious hotels – the Cosmopolitan – Tribeca), they will find the bohemian West Village.  There, visitors will be treated to an intimate yet buzzing atmosphere.  The area boasts a variety of eateries, stores and nightlife to thrill even the most adventurous seeker, for hours.  More than that, Harlem has quite an impressive history and today offers something a bit different that has lovingly become known as “soul food restaurants.”

Soul food does not actually traditionally hail from New York.  It originates in the Deep South and arrived on the East Coast via waves of economic migration.  It dates back to slavery during the time African-American families were basically taking whatever food they had access to and then made something with it.  It was a bunch of anything no-one else wanted or stuff from the ground they found.  Since at that time pork scraps were left, today one of the traditional “soul food” dishes to be found in Harlem’s soul food restaurants is pork flavors imbuing collard greens.  For sides, candied yams are quite common too.  It’s definitely food with a difference so worth checking out.

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