Upper East Side Goes Organic

organicWho eats healthily in New York’s Upper East Side?  Which stores sell the most organic and nutritionally-dense food?  Where can one get a great meal in a restaurant that has health as its focus?

A study recently published attempted to answer some of these questions.  It was conducted by two researchers from the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, from NYU and a third from Clark University’s Department of Economics.  They found that there is a “high concentration of organic food offerings on either side of Central Park and in Morningside Heights,” but that as soon as you move over to Central Park (except for an area by the far west side of Morningside Heights), finding organic food is not so easy.

However, for those living in the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side, the story is quite different.  And that might mean that residents in those areas end up eating healthier.  Indeed, according to one of the researchers on this project – Associate Professor of Food Studies at NYU’s Steinhardt School Carolyn Dimitri – the results “support the notion that consumers with greater access to organic food are more likely to buy organic food.”

For those interested in accessing more healthy options in the neighborhood, nutritionist Kristy Rao studied the area and compiled her findings into an article entitled ‘The 10 Healthiest Eats on New York’s Upper East Side.’


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