The Vital Theater Company for Award Winning Family Fun

Vital Theater Great Fun For Families

The Vital Theater Company is a special experience for the whole family, and it is right across the street from Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire Hotel.

The company is dedicated to producing original musicals which will inspire adults, awaken children’s imaginations, and empower students. Vital Theater opened its doors in March, 1999 with the primary goal of nurturing new theater artists in a safe home.

In the ensuing 12 years Vital has produced over fifty original plays which have been enjoyed by more than 160,000 children and families.

The Vital Theater Company has received a number of important theater awards including two American Theater Wind Awards for Commitment to Excellence in Theater. Vital also won the Off-Off Broadway Review’s Award for Excellence six-times. In 2002 the New York Theater Experience named the Vital Theater Company the Theater Company of the Year.

If you are in New York, and especially if you are staying at the Hotel Belleclaire, don’t miss this great family theater experience at the Vital Theater, conveniently located right across the street at 2162 Broadway, 4th floor at 76th Street. For more information call: 212-579-0528.

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