The Washington Jefferson Hotel is Five Minutes from the Russian Tea Room

Who hasn’t heard of the Russian Tea Room? This extraordinary, world famous restaurant is a convenient walk for guests staying at Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel.

The Russian Tea Room has been making a name for itself for more than eighty years. This exquisitely appointed and impeccably serviced restaurant was founded in 1927 by the members of the Russian Imperial Ballet, and instantly became a gathering place for some of the world’s most lustrous stars of the arts, politics and other members of the intellectual elite.

Russian Tea Room- Five Minutes from Shimmie Horn's Washington Jefferson Hotel

Situated next door to Carnegie Hall, it is a favorite stop of many on their way to enjoy a concert or performance at this illustrious hall. Not far off is another center of music, dance and theater in New York, the world renowned Lincoln Center, less than a seven minute walk away from the Tea Room.

Reservations are highly recommended, due to the popularity of the restaurant. It is also possible to hold a special celebration at the Tea Room, including a wedding reception, birthday, or any other occasion that warrants the special atmosphere and cuisine that the Russian Tea Room provides. The Tea Room can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 800 guests, whether it’s for just cocktails or a full sit-down meal.

If you are going to be at the Washington Jefferson Hotel for any length of time, consider making a reservation and walking over to the Russian Tea Room for an experience you will always treasure.

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