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Historic Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater

The Beacon Theater, at 2124 Broadway between 74th and 75th Streets, is the older sister to Radio City Music Hall. Just like RCMH, the Beacon was the vision of Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, the legendary theatrical impresario of the ‘Roaring Twenties.’

The distinctive Art Deco style of the Beacon, designed by the great Chicago architect Walter Ahlschlager, makes the Beacon one of the most magnificent buildings of its kind in New York. The fact that it was designated as a national landmark in 1979 and is on the National Register of Historic Places attests to its unique beauty and historic importance.

The Beacon Theater opened its doors in 1929 and is known for having incredible acoustics. The sound-system was so well designed that the original system is still in use to today, still providing near-perfect acoustics for the pleasure of the audience.

Such entertainment luminaries as the Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Radiohead, and Queen have performed at the Beacon. In October 2006 Bill Clinton concluded the celebration of his 60th birthday at the Beacon with a private Rolling Stones concert.

If you are going to be staying at any of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels, and especially if you will be a guest at the Hotel Belleclaire at 250 West 77th Street, it is certainly worth a visit to see the glorious Beacon Theater.

New Years in New York

If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels

Times Square on New Year's Eve

over the New Year’s holiday, then you are well positioned to have one of the most memorable of all possible New Year’s Eve celebrations.

You can go a New Year’s party at any number of exciting venues, from the Bryant Park Grill, two blocks from the Iroquois Hotel; to a party at Frames NYC, a bowling hot spot with a nightclub, bar and restaurant all rolled into one, just south of the Washington Jefferson Hotel along 9th Avenue; or go to a concert at the Beacon Theater on Broadway and 74th Street, just down Broadway from the Hotel Belleclaire on West 77th Street; Gov’t Mule is featured this New Year’s Eve.

Whichever way you choose to spend the holiday, if you are staying at any of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels, you are not far from the best entertainment New York City has to offer.

Real French Pastry Five Minutes from Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel

Enjoy real French pastries a short walk from Shimmie Horn's Washington Jefferson Hotel

5 minutes Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel

Craving some real French pastries? If you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel, then you are in luck, because La Bergamote Patisserie is about a 5 minute walk away, on 52nd Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues at number 515. The shop on 52nd Street is the second branch of this successful enterprise. Romain Lamaze, the managing director and Stephane Willemin, executive pastry chef, also runs La Bergamote Patisserie Francaise in Chelsea in lower Manhattan, which opened its doors in 1998. This authentically French restaurant and pastry shop owes its success not only to the talented owners, but also to the consistent use of nothing but the freshest and highest quality ingredients, creating flavors which are authentic, delicious and wholesome. La Bergamote Restaurant and Patisserie in the Clinton section of Manhattan on 52nd Street is open from 7am until 10pm 7 days per week.

September 11 Exhibit at the International Center of Photography

International Center of Photography

Staying at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel this holiday season? If yes, then you should not miss a visit to New York’s International Center of Photography just a few blocks away on Sixth Avenue at 1133 Avenue of the Americas.

Currently on exhibit until January 8th 2012 is “Remembering 9/11” in commemoration of the historic and tragic events of September 11, 2001; in remembrance of the tenth anniversary since that harrowing day.

The exhibit is a partnership between the ICP and the National September 11 Memorial Museum, and focuses its attention on the way all those involved, including firefighters, transit workers, police officers and many more people pulled together in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Displaying their art are Francesc Torres, Eugene Richards; Elena del Rivero, Leslie McCleave, and Gregg Brown. The curator of the exhibit and its organizer is Carol Squiers of ICP.

For more information call: 212.857.0000

Stand Up NY for Great Comedy

One of New York's Oldest Comedy Clubs

On West 78th Street just off of Broadway is one of the country’s most talked about clubs for standup comedy, Stand Up NY.

Among New York’s oldest comedy clubs, Stand Up NY was first opened in the spring of 1986. This premier club is dedicated to finding the hottest new talent on the comedy scene, and so far they have been quite successful. Some of America’s funniest comics got their start performing at Stand Up NY, including such luminaries as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart.

It is possible to see both veteran comedians and newcomers at the club. All week long the stage is crowded with comedians who have performed at some of the top venues for comedy, such as Comedy Central, HBO, and all the major broadcasting companies.

If you love comedy, and especially if you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire, then hop on over to Stand Up NY, it’s just across the street.

The Vital Theater Company for Award Winning Family Fun

Vital Theater Great Fun For Families

The Vital Theater Company is a special experience for the whole family, and it is right across the street from Shimmie Horn’s Belleclaire Hotel.

The company is dedicated to producing original musicals which will inspire adults, awaken children’s imaginations, and empower students. Vital Theater opened its doors in March, 1999 with the primary goal of nurturing new theater artists in a safe home.

In the ensuing 12 years Vital has produced over fifty original plays which have been enjoyed by more than 160,000 children and families.

The Vital Theater Company has received a number of important theater awards including two American Theater Wind Awards for Commitment to Excellence in Theater. Vital also won the Off-Off Broadway Review’s Award for Excellence six-times. In 2002 the New York Theater Experience named the Vital Theater Company the Theater Company of the Year.

If you are in New York, and especially if you are staying at the Hotel Belleclaire, don’t miss this great family theater experience at the Vital Theater, conveniently located right across the street at 2162 Broadway, 4th floor at 76th Street. For more information call: 212-579-0528.

Bann for Authentic Korean Food Around the Corner from the Washington Jefferson Hotel

Bann Restaurant for Korean Cuisine

Before taking in a show on Broadway, consider stopping at the Bann Restaurant and Lounge for dinner and maybe a drink. Just around the corner form Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel, Bann is located at 350 West 50th Street.

Bann has been serving authentic Korean cuisine at this location since 2005.

Bann is the flagship restaurant of a group of highly acclaimed eateries located on America’s two coasts. Mrs. Young Sook Choi, considered by many to be the primary pioneer in the revolution of modern Korean fare, developed the concept of Bann and its sister restaurants, creating outstanding venues for her cuisine in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, SoHo and in New York’s theater district.

Serving both the familiar and exotic foods of Korea, Bann’s approach to dining takes into account all five senses. If you are visiting New York and staying at the nearby Washington Jefferson Hotel on 51st Street, consider heading on over to Bann for a wonderful taste of Korea.

Diamond District Worth a Visit

Crossroads to the Diamond District

If you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel this holiday season, you might want to consider a short walk north to one of world’s capitals for the purchase of diamonds, gold, and other precious metals and gems.

Located along West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, that one long block is a captivating site for anyone looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, even if that someone is you.

Crammed along the street are merchants who created the market in the early 1940s when the former diamond district moved its location from lower Manhattan’s financial district.

Eventually the area grew in importance after the Nazis invaded Belgium and the Netherlands during World War Two. This event forced many Jews who were active in the diamond business of Antwerp and Amsterdam to flee their native land and resettle in New York City.

Take a walk down this exciting block the next time you are staying at the Iroquois, whether or not it is the holiday season. Even if you are not planning on buying a new piece of jewelry, the Diamond District of New York is one of the City’s must-see destinations.