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A Peek into Tribeca Lofts

atticIf you happen to be visiting New York’s Tribeca neighborhood – perhaps enjoying the relaxing environs at Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel, try to coordinate your visit with the 16th Annual Inside Loft Tour to be held next month. Get in quick though as there are only 400 tickets. They’re a bit pricey ($60 pre-booking, $65 Day Of), but it’s worth it as it is something quite different. In addition, the proceeds go Friends of Duane Park and Friends of Bogardus Plaza

On 19th October, tour participants will be able to walk around some really cool (and super expensive) interestingly designed TriBeCa apartments. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to raise funds. Two of the architects who have designed one apartment this year are Michaela Deiss and Stephen Corelli, two principals of TRIARCH who have been working together in the field of architecture since 1987.

The Village Goes Vegan

veganThe East Village is getting a vegan wine bar…whatever that may be. Just three days ago, the bar opened up on East 7th Street. It will also be serving food…vegan of course.

Named Avant Garden, it is being opened by Ravi DeRossi, who has become quite well-known for his cocktail inventions. In addition, DeRossi has just set up a non-profit organization to fundraise for charitable groups whose goal it is to end animal cruelty.

The restaurant aims to serve quality, upscale food and has been a dream of DeRossi for many years. Indeed, DeRossi himself refers to it as a “a ‘passion project’ … having grown up vegan himself, and stayed vegan most of his life.” His “biggest obstacle” – over the last decade or so since he has dreamed up this idea – has been finding a “good vegan chef” and now, with Andrew D’Ambrosi (who has been head chef at his seafood restaurant in Bergen Hill), has found the right guy.

DeRossi came to that discovery after tasting D’Ambrosi’s hen of the woods mushroom dish. Given that DeRossi has always hated mushrooms he was shocked at how much he loved this. He then discovered it was vegan so put D’Ambrossi to the challenge to make more vegan dishes. He completely rose to this challenge making a variety of dishes for that seafood restaurant to try them out and the rest, as they say, was history.

Pope Francis in Central Park

PopeThose in the New York area may be able to see Pope Francis later this month. Well, actually the citizens of the state, not tourists. The Pope will be appearing in a papal processing in Central Park later this month and a lottery giving out tens of thousands of tickets is being organized by the city together with the New York Archdiocese.

Actually the draw has already been conducted and the winners are being announced today!

Papal procession is scheduled for September 25 and will go along Central Park West Drive. Those with tickets will be able to see the pope in his Popemobile.

Lower East Side Gets Cinema

digital-filmsManhattan’s Lower East Side will soon be privy to a two-screen movie theater, with the capacity of playing 35 millimiter and digital films. The idea behind Metrograph came from film director and menswear accessory designer, Alexander Olch who has a boutique right near the location of the new theater, which will be found on Ludlow Street at Canal Street, in an old warehouse.

The plan is also to build a bookstore, restaurant and lounge in the warehouse.