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What’s New in NYC’s Financial District

wtcThe oculus building officially opened this month, hope to the World Trade Center’s new Apple Store. The two-level store features a large, open space with minimalist design and has the oak tables (which Apple is known for) in a tall, large room that encourages the purchase of iPhone7! The store is the seventh of its kind in New York that was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the most famous of which is the one of Fifth Avenue that appears like a glass cube.

Meanwhile, there are plans for a large Liberty Island museum, with plans for the design of this 26,000 building having been displayed at a recent groundbreaking ceremony. This museum is to take the place of the much smaller one that currently is located at Lady Liberty’s pedestal and will be constructed in order to blend into the parkland’s nature.

Museum construction will utilize sustainable best practices. Initially – according to FXFOWLE (the company that designed the space) partner and project designer Nicholas Garrison – the idea was to make the museum an extension of the park, with the aim of working with “the park’s formal, axial plan and respond to its spectacular setting. The island’s landscape is lifted and merged with the architecture to create space for the museum in a new geology.”

And talking of museums, a new – permanent – exhibition (New York at Its Core) is being set up at the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY). The exhibition will be a testament to New York City’s worldwide position as the Big Apple. The 6,600 sq. ft. space will be open to the public on November 18.

Get a Great Night’s Sleep at The Iroquois

iroquoisOne of Shimmie Horn’s hotels is Midtown Manhattan’s Iroquois. This boutique hotel is not only elegant and centrally-located, it also makes comfort a top priority with each room featuring Comfy Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, comfortable work stations and Jacuzzi tubs. Talking of Beautyrest mattresses, that was one of the big sales that took place in New York on Columbus Day Weekend. For those looking for the comfort of the Iroquois at home, 1800Mattresses had a special a couple of weeks ago offering a 65 percent discount as well as a free Beautyrest air mattress for anyone making a purchase of more than $799.

In addition to its comfort, at the hotel you can enjoy dining at a true gem of a French restaurant – the exquisite Triomphe Restaurant & Lounge, as well as Midtown’s best French restaurant. Or take in the classic, historical ambience as you sip a cocktail at the Lantern’s Keep.

The Iroquois truly is a mark of comfort and style within the bustling New York City. And for those who want to be right in the center of it as well, Shimmie Horn’s boutique hotel is the perfect location.

New York Comic Con

comicsLast week saw the New York Comic Con event.  This year it got even bigger, in its attempt to wow pop-culture fans with even more interactive features and a new registration system.  There was also room for 5,500 fans.  In the 10 years it has been taking place, it has really stepped up its game, putting it in the same league as San Diego’s International Comic Con.  Indeed, last year, there were 167,000 people who attended, even more than last year’s San Diego one which only attracted 130,000.

But now given the added feature of the NYCC Presents, there were even more attendees. Programs included: “Game Grumps Live Episode,” “A Shipwreck Fan Fiction Competition,” “Stuff You Missed in History Class Live,” “Doctor Who Costume Contest and Trivia,” “Tales From the Toybox,” “Rock Comic Con,” and “One Trek Mind Live.”

Given that the space is so much bigger, this means that many more will be able to be accommodated.  ReedPop event director Michael Armstrong.  He explained that: “With this addition, we’ve been able to bring way more TV and film content to NYCC than we’ve ever been able to. In years past, our largest panel room was around 3,000 seats. With the Theater at Madison Square Garden we’ve been able to almost double that. More people than ever before will be able to see our largest panels.”