Brightening Up New York City

nanolumens_facade_NYOne very high-tech way of brightening up a city is currently being used in midtown Manhattan.  Large-scale NanoLumens-powered LED stock ticker have arrived and are making New York’s stock tickers look like vintage alarm clocks.

This full-color L-shaped LED measures three feet high and 60 feet wide, rendering it one of New York’s most unique displays.  According to the brains behind the idea, Bill Shiverick (who also installed it), said,

“as far as stock tickers and information displays go, there’s nothing else like this being used in New York City. But now that we’ve shown what a unique NanoLumens DS display can do for the ambience of a retail environment, I doubt it will be the last… the truth is that the branch could have chosen a lower-cost alternative that may have served the purpose. But when we considered all the different variables and strengths of each manufacturer’s technology, NanoLumens was clearly the best choice. … I’ve worked in hundreds of office buildings and corporate headquarters in a dozen of the biggest U.S. cities over the last 11 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Now what remains to be seen is how the midtowners react to it.  Hopefully, “blindingly!”

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