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For the Vintage and Obscure

vintage-fashionThat’s what you’ll get when you visit Duo – the boutique store run by sister team LaRae and Wendy Kangas. In 2008 the siblings opened up their store to the public, and since then, it has become quite the place to be. Indeed, today, it is “a favorite amongst downtown locals and girls that wear vintage Levis.” They were in the right place at the right time; both having found themselves in New York.

The Kangas’ sisters always spoke about going into business with each other; entrepreneurship is common in their family but in college they never thought it would happen. Since they are four years apart they had a lot of “sisterly bonding fights” and working together wasn’t on the cards. But then it was. And that is what resulted in this East 9th Street store being filled with “Calvin Klein cashmere sweaters and reworked denim, plus modern styles by under-the-radar brands.” They didn’t study fashion at college but they loved it anyway.

So how else can the youth of today get into the world of fashion in the Big Apple? StylingOn Showroom is currently looking for an intern to work at its “full serviced fashion showroom,” right in the center of NYC’s fashion district. Working closely with showroom managers will be a great way in to the world of fashion in the place where it all happens – the center of New York City.