Clubs with a History

Last month witnessed the re-opening of the Harvard Club on 44th Street.  Dating back to 1894, it is the oldest club on the block.  But way back then, it wasn’t the only one by far; there was the New York Yacht and Yale, to name but a few.    So for those enjoying the calm at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel, looking to dance the night away, this could be the place where one can boogie on down while taking in a bit of history.  Indeed, the building was renovated a few times and during its most recent one, was subject to quite significant criticism, most notably from architect Steven W. Semes who singled it out in his book “The Future of the Past,” for having a “confrontational attitude” for putting additions on such historic buildings (along with the Brooklyn Museum and Morgan Library).  Well, for those who do happen to be in the area, they can check it out and judge for themselves!

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