Diamond District Worth a Visit

Crossroads to the Diamond District

If you are staying at Shimmie Horn’s Iroquois Hotel this holiday season, you might want to consider a short walk north to one of world’s capitals for the purchase of diamonds, gold, and other precious metals and gems.

Located along West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, that one long block is a captivating site for anyone looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, even if that someone is you.

Crammed along the street are merchants who created the market in the early 1940s when the former diamond district moved its location from lower Manhattan’s financial district.

Eventually the area grew in importance after the Nazis invaded Belgium and the Netherlands during World War Two. This event forced many Jews who were active in the diamond business of Antwerp and Amsterdam to flee their native land and resettle in New York City.

Take a walk down this exciting block the next time you are staying at the Iroquois, whether or not it is the holiday season. Even if you are not planning on buying a new piece of jewelry, the Diamond District of New York is one of the City’s must-see destinations.

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