Hidden NY Treasures?

Or tunnels at least…

It seems like almost every other week something is being discovered in NYC.  And now, it is tunnels.  Well, it is not exactly like they are being discovered but perchance they are being rebranded to make them more well-known.

One example is NYC’s postal tunnel.  From 9th Avenue (from under the east side), this runs between the Morgan mail sorting facility and the James A. Farley Post Office basement.  It is a very well-secured road tunnel which historically was utilized to transport mail via Amtrak trains which a specially-designated “mail only” train” to and from a Penn Station “secret” platform.  It was only in the early part of the 21st century that this process stopped, sealing shut the stairs and elevators leading to the platform.  Today though for those interested, the loading area and lookout gallery can be seen at the Post Office on special occasions (such as Fashion Week).  The gallery is now used for a Storefront for Art and Architecture installation.

And in other New York City tunnel news, it seems that those motorists who do not own an E-ZPass will no longer have to stress about having cash on them when they approach the Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel toll.  Instead, they’ll be charged via license-plate readers, with the registered vehicle owner receiving a bill in the mail.  Cashless tolls will certainly improve tunnel riding experience for New Yorkers!

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