Musical News

musicEast Village’s Third Street Music School Settlement is celebrating 121 years at its yearly Spring Gala.  Having opened in 1894, this makes it the longest-running community music school in the US.   Today, over 5,000 students receive musical instruction and it’s not just restricted to kids.  Indeed, pre-school up to adults aged 93 years old, have been the recipient of musical instruction over the years.   And talking of inclusivity, the school really tries to accept everyone, especially those of disadvantaged financial means, catering to all types of musical loves.  One can even just come in for a singular lesson in the oboe!  With ensembles, the variety runs from rock band to orchestral. According to Brandon Tesh, Department Chair for Wind, Brass and Percussion, this makes it “like being in a toy store. There’s just all these instruments, drum sets, pianos everywhere, it’s filled with music. It’s really a great space.”

Meanwhile for those looking for concerts in the neighborhood check out The Voice for a comprehensive listing in NYC.

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