New York Gets Donation

NYC-libraryThe city of New York has just received a substantial donation to be used for the enhancement of its libraries and main park.  Mary McConnell Bailey who recently passed away at the age of 88, made a will that requested the city receive a staggering $20m.  The generous lady lived a very modest life – her extraordinary wealth was not known.  She was just known as a hospital and school volunteer. Even her neighbor was shocked at this, having no idea she had anywhere near this sort of money.

Clearly with such a large donation, the city’s libraries and park will undergo quite a change.  For one returning to visit the area – perhaps staying at Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler – in a few years’ time these New York staples might look quite different.  Because Bailey spent so little of her money on herself (living out her days in a very basic Manhattan apartment), the city of New York is set to benefit greatly.

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