About Shimmie Horn

Shimmie Horn is part of a long line of hoteliers. From a young age, Shimmie Horn has served in a leadership role, managing his family’s business interests.  He has recently completed renovations under the Triumph Hotels brand. His collection of hotels includes the Iroquois New York (49 W. 44th St.) which is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World; the Hotel Chandler (12 E. 31st St.); the Washington Jefferson Hotel (318 W. 51st St.); and the Hotel Belleclaire (250 W. 77th St.).

The Triumph Hotels brand with Shimmie Horn represents the best in the hotel industry.  Those who stay at any of these hotels will find personalized luxury, exceptional service for guests, plush accommodations and more. The real estate collection was originally founded by Horn’s grandfather in 1951 and was then enlarged by his father from the 70s through the 90s.

Taking over as part of the family tradition, Shimmie Horn was taught to treat his staff with the respect and warmth that he would want them to offer to guests, and this philosophy is reflected at every turn throughout his hotels.

Guests who stay at the Triumph Hotels will be treated to a unique combination of elegance and down home comfort.  While the hotels are each dynamic, cutting edge and sleek, they also offer a feeling of home and a warm environment. As described on the Triumph Hotels website, “Triumph Hotels brand means personalized luxury and service available to all guests. For everyone from seasoned business travelers to tourists visiting New York City, Triumph Hotels is a 21st Century company designed to satisfy every traveler’s needs.”

Shimmie Horn offers luxury stays without luxury prices, and some of the best locations in New York for visitors and business travelers.


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