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Getting in Some Culture in Tribeca

Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel is located in the trendy, culturally-rich neighborhood of TriBeCa.  Known predominantly for its Film Festival offering a rich, diverse offerings helping the “general public to experience the power of cinema and promote New York City as a major filmmaking center,” this neighborhood is also quiet, charming and very close to the Hudson River Parks.

Currently there are some interesting exhibitions in the area.  The Apexart TriBeCa gallery is hosting ‘Animal Intent,’ which, as Emily Falvey curator explains is an “interspecies collaboration” between human and animal creation.  One example is the honeybees and Aganetha Dyck who worked with William Eakin (photographer and apiarist) to place random objects inside bee hives enabling the bees to cover the pieces in their wax lattices.  This transformed them into what looked like “honeycomb” sculptures.

Then there is The Dietz Lantern Building where David Bonavita is leading an apartment staging. Seeking local artists who are willing to loan artwork temporarily.  This is to be displayed in the apartment while it is on the market and will give Tribeca-based artists some exposure.

So, for art, culture and some quiet luxuriation, TriBeCa with its museums, exhibitions and Shimmie Horn hotels could make the perfect vacation venue.

Fun Eats in East Village

ribsAccording to The New York Eater, “the East Village has the most kinetic, rapidly evolving, and downright fun restaurant scene in the city.” Featuring originality with tastes from around the world, there is very little in the world of cuisine that one will be strapped to find in the area.

The east Village food scene really began gaining credence back in the 1980s.  And then by the year 2000, things really started moving up for the region.  But there are some timeless pieces too.

But if you want to experience a bit of history in an Italian way, check out John’s of 12th Street.  This traditional Italian eatery has been serving East Village customers for more than a century.  Having opened in 1908, it brags of being “rich in history, rich in food [but] easy on the wallet.”

And for traditional ribs (that are at the same time unique) Mighty Quinn’s goes back to basics by getting the best quality ingredients and leaving them to do their own thing…not complicating the matter just barbecuing old school with plenty of wood and time with “just the right amount of salt and spice to let that lovely marriage of process ad product evolve into something transcendent.”

Take in breakfast at the Black Seed Bagel, a Chinese dry hot pot from the Mala Project, a French bistro at Lucien, and one of the best schnitzels New York has to offer at Edi & The Wolf.

We know one thing for sure; if you leave the East Village hungry, you sure missed some boat or another.

Enjoy a Relaxing Evening at Hotel Chandler

cocktailsFor those looking for some relaxation, amidst the hustle and bustle of New York’s Flatiron District, Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Chandler is the perfect choice. The building – constructed in the early 20th century in a Beaux Arts style – is right by Fifth Avenue but once inside one feels relaxed in the stately elegant décor which also features modern amenities.

While there, take time to spend a few hours at the Hotel Chandler Bar, and relax in its intimate and elegant setting. It has developed a reputation among locals in the Flatiron District as providing excellent service while offering a wide range of cocktails, fine wines and a rotating selection of beers. And, for some real food, the Hotel Chandler restaurant has some wonderful unique culinary creations using the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

Get a Great Night’s Sleep at The Iroquois

iroquoisOne of Shimmie Horn’s hotels is Midtown Manhattan’s Iroquois. This boutique hotel is not only elegant and centrally-located, it also makes comfort a top priority with each room featuring Comfy Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, comfortable work stations and Jacuzzi tubs. Talking of Beautyrest mattresses, that was one of the big sales that took place in New York on Columbus Day Weekend. For those looking for the comfort of the Iroquois at home, 1800Mattresses had a special a couple of weeks ago offering a 65 percent discount as well as a free Beautyrest air mattress for anyone making a purchase of more than $799.

In addition to its comfort, at the hotel you can enjoy dining at a true gem of a French restaurant – the exquisite Triomphe Restaurant & Lounge, as well as Midtown’s best French restaurant. Or take in the classic, historical ambience as you sip a cocktail at the Lantern’s Keep.

The Iroquois truly is a mark of comfort and style within the bustling New York City. And for those who want to be right in the center of it as well, Shimmie Horn’s boutique hotel is the perfect location.

Summer Happenings in NYC

sunshineSummertime and the livin’ is easy…at least in New York City it has the potential of being…

What’s better in the summer than ice-cream?  Learning how to make it yourself from the experts and thanks to Sarah Lohman, historic gastronome and Laura Weiss, ice cream historian (who even knew such professions existed?) one can now learn about the history and mechanics and ice cream and making the yummy cold stuff first hand. Last week, Brooklynites were invited to the Brooklyn Historical Society, located at 128 Pierrepont Street from 7-9pm on July 28th to learn all about that.

And then tomorrow for food lovers who are looking for something on the savory side that is a bit hotter, the Brooklyn Historical Society hosted Scott Wiener, a pizza historian, together with a panel of Brooklyn pizza-makers on The Search for Authenticity will be discussing who makes the most authentic pizza in New York City. The event will boast a classic old-school slice shop, alongside an historic coal-fired pizza parlor, a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria, and a new-school pie innovator. What more could food connoisseurs ask for?

Staying cool and keeping hot in New York is what it’s all about this summer.

Hospital Themed Bar

syringeLooking for a bar with a difference in New York?  Something that you’ve possibly never seen before?  Well, look no further than Lower East Side’s Sanatorium – a hospital-themed cocktail bar which looks a bit like “the waiting room of a debauched doctor.”

Rather than the interior being made up of typical mahogany and hanging glasses, in here you will find operating-room style lamps affixed above a marble bar.  There is no ‘Saloon’ sign but instead, Venetian plaster covers the walls in a green scrub color.  You don’t get your shots in classic shot glasses but rather syringes and the cocktails are prepped on operating-room trays.

But the music remains pretty conventional for a bar.  With D.J. Xavier Herit, you’ll enjoy Euro house music and then once a week though – again with a taste of something different – there is a performance by chamber ensemble New Vintage Baroque.  Another thing that is not typical is the fact that you actually have to make an appointment to go there.  However, if the jolly bouncer is around, walk-ins are usually accepted.  So enjoy a Waiting Room shot made from tequila, cherry tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar, lime and habanero elixir, topped with a slice of ibérico ham, carved from a leg hanging over the bar and you’ll want to make this place your regular.


Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson Hotel


If you love the theater and are looking for a relaxing vacation, there is no better location than the Washington Jefferson Hotel.  Check out what is going on at New York’s Theater District a 10 minute walk away from the hotel.

New York: New Cocktails

cocktailNew Yorkers can become their own cocktail makers.  In fact, everyone who buys The Liquor Cabinet app – designed by Award-winning New York bartender James Beard – can enjoy the feeling of being their own cocktail concoctor.

The history of The Liquor Cabinet dates back a couple of years when winner of the CFDA’s first Fashion Instagrammer of the Year Award Patrick Janelle set out with his brothers to crate a creative agency with a focus on cocktails.

A recent Brooklyn project saw Britten spring a twist on the Paloma cocktail summer classic by using a somewhat unconventional ingredient – Gordy’s Fine Cocktail Brine.  What resulted was a merger of that ingredient alongside Curaçao, grapefruit and watermelon, and voila, the La Capilla in Jalisco was born.  Janelle explains that: the strong, heavy acid flavor of the brine seems very of the moment, as food and cocktails are not so even and well-balanced right now, but are tending toward stronger, bolder flavors,” and the drink is served with sliced watermelon on the glass, topped with zested lime and sprinkled over Maldon salt.

And now, in other good news, according to a document from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control earlier this year seven bars located on this street just got licenses to sell alcoholic beverages until 4 am.  So New Yorkers really have their summer funs mapped out for them!

TriBeCa’s Trinity Church

churchTriBeCa’s Trinity Church – close to Shimmie Horn’s luxurious Cosmopolitan hotel – was recently home to a celebration of Broadway history. Both these locations – Shimmie Horn’s hotel and the Church – perfectly mesh with New York City and all it has to offer: art, shopping and eateries.

Trinity Church (which sits along Broadway at Wall Street) is where Alexander Hamilton was buried. It was Hamilton who actually was one of America’s Founding Fathers and a parishioner at Trinity Church in the late 1700s. It was Hamilton who brought real fame to pop culture and the Hamilton Broadway musical was all for him.

So now, as a mark of recognition and honor of 16 TONY award nominations, on June 10th, Trinity Church gave light to the archives with Hamilton’s name on them, in a one-day only pop-up display of some rare documents that related to his years connected to the church. As Anne Petrimoulx, church archivist said: “Alexander Hamilton has always been someone near and dear to our hearts at Trinity Church. And we’re thrilled to celebrate him and the musical.”

If you missed it while staying at Shimmie Horn’s TriBeCa, there is always the Swedish Midsummer Festival on the 24th of this month which is sure to delight the whole family.


Krav Maga Comes to Tribeca

martial-artsShimmie Horn’s hotel in the Tribeca area, The Evelyn, is to be getting a new neighbor.  The 158 Franklin address – that until now has been home to the Steven Alan Home Shop – is to become the address for the first Krav Maga Institute in the district.

While Krav Maga has already had a presence in Tribeca (using space at Tribeca Health & Fitness and Church Street Boxing), it has never formally established its very own presence.

But this month all of that changed and by next month, the Krav Maga Institute will be offering a complete schedule to benefit all those in Tribeca.  Over the next few months this will further develop to offer Combat Cardio classes, yoga, and maybe even  Brazilian jiu jitsu and muy thai but all under the auspices of the Krav Maga Institute.  There will also be programs available for the youngsters: from 6 to 13 years of age, kids will be able to get a head start on their Krav Maga training.

The Krav Maga Institute is opening its first full-time space in Tribeca, downstairs at 158 Franklin, the building where Steven Alan Home Shop used to be. Up till now, KMI has been using fitness studios around the city—including Church Street Boxing and Tribeca Health & Fitness—on a part-time basis KMI will be offering soft-opening classes in April, shooting for a full schedule starting in May. By September it plans on being at capacity, with classes in the Combat Cardio program (fitness-based kickboxing), probably yoga, and possibly muy thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu. And there will be a program for kids age 6 to 13. When it’s fully open I’ll stop by for the full report.