The Second Avenue Deli: A Taste of New York History Near the Hotel Chandler

Second Ave Deli

If you are staying at the Hotel Chandler, one of Shimmie Horn’s several luxury hotels in Manhattan, then you are only a few blocks away from a true New York gastronomic experience. Mosey on over to the Second Avenue Deli, at 162 East 33rd Street, and you will not be disappointed.

The story of the Second Avenue Deli is the story of a hard working immigrant  and holocaust survivor) who began with nothing and through sheer strength of will and persistence, created a successful business now known far and wide.

After working as a ‘soda jerk’ and ‘counter boy’ Uncle Abe (Abe Lebewohl) was able to save a few thousand dollars to buy a small restaurant of his own in 1954. Through his devotion and attention to detail he built his restaurant into a place customers flocked to.

Today the Second Avenue Deli is owned by Abe’s nephews Joshua and Jeremy Lebewohl, who have proudly continued in their beloved uncle’s tradition.

A visit to this deli will not only satisfy your craving for a wonderful and authentic New York deli sandwich, but you will feel part of the special history of this special city.

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